The Iran-China cooperation agreement takes effect and that should cause Americans concern

Last March, China and Iran entered into a cooperation agreement in order to essentially save Iran. The move will have the two nations cooperating on things such as energy, infrastructure, healthcare and technology.

Most US news agencies overlooked the story and had no interest in covering it, but there is one detail worth noting.

China is pushing for Iran to get back into the nuclear deal with the United States that Donald Trump withdrew from. The comments were made as part of the announcement that the two nations had commenced the cooperation agreement.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was negotiated by the Obama administration and was called one of the worst deals ever by Donald Trump. Under the plan, Iran received significant economic help from the US and other nations while saying it would not pursue nuclear weapons.

Iran continued to pursue weapons within the agreement and was responsible for multiple terrorist activities against the US and US interests. Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 and sanctions went back into effect against Iran. That’s where the China cooperation agreement comes in.

Now, Iran is fully allied with China. Or perhaps a better way of looking at it is that China is fully allied with a terrorist nation that has said it is committed to attacking and destroying the United States.

I am not sure how much Americans really understand the threat that China has become. Not only do they hold significant control over our President, thanks to Hunter and the family, they hold significant control over our economy and our enemies.

We continue to remain dependent on China for so many products. This is easily seen throughout the continued supply chain issues that Joe Biden created after taking office. Container ships containing products from China continue to sit offshore as American shelves sit empty.

All China needs to do is order those ships to return and the US economy would be crippled. It would be the ultimate economic sanction against the US.

China has completely aligned itself with the greatest threats to the US. They have become the savior of North Korea and Iran, both who have said they want to destroy the United States. Combine that with the fact that they have multiple partnership agreements with Russia and you see the power play that China is making.

A recent report even shared how Iran, Russia, and China were spying on a European nation. The article mentioned the reason, which is no doubt true. That the nations are interested in the natural resources of the area.

Instead of hearing about this agreement taking place and how it is helping Iran to continue its ambitions, Americans are stuck continuing to hear stories about how we need free COVID tests, education, healthcare, and more. The last thing we need right now is more dependence on the federal government or anyone else.

We need to relieve ourselves of our dependence on China and bolster our ability to defend ourselves against the mounting threat. That means assuring we have the technology and capabilities to compete on the global scale, both in economy and war.

We will not make it through the Biden term without these nations taking additional steps towards a new world war. They want Biden to act and respond, because they know that he is not fit to be President. That’s why Russia continues their moves to control natural resources in Eastern Europe and China continues to press forward with their alliance with our enemies.

China is not our friend, like Joe Biden and the Democrats want to claim. They have no interest in cooperation, fairness, or friendliness. The only goal for the CCP is world domination.

Except no one seems concerned. We’re only concerned about the latest scariant of COVID that will give you what seemingly amounts to a cold.

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