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The Best Games for 6 Year Olds in 2022

Children playing board game – sitting around a small table

Learning should be fun, especially for kids. The more enjoyment they find in an educational experience, the higher the chance they will remember the information and be keen to learn more.

Once your child reaches the age that they are ready for kindergarten, they have hit that important age where educational games should be introduced. Not only have they enhanced their communication skills, but they are ready to be taught larger concepts and follow directions better.

So what are the best games for 6 year olds as we enter the new year? You’ll want to pick games that are not only age-appropriate but ensure that they still have a ton of fun too. We understand how important this age is and that as parents, you want to ensure your kids are learning the key lessons to help them get ready for progressing through school.

That is why we have gathered up the top types of games you should be introducing to your 6 year old this year.

1. Games for problem-solving

A great way to engage your kid and get them to start thinking critically is through problem-solving. This is where introducing scavenger or treasure hunts is a great way to get them to really start thinking, asking questions and learning to work as a team. With the motivation and promise of a reward for their work, your kid will have a great time enhancing their critical thinking and solving clues or riddles to find the prize. Why not make this a weekly thing for them to look forward to as well? Sunday scavenger hunts are totally a thing!

2. Games that require reading

Six year olds are at the stage where they should be building their reading comprehension and ability to start doing so without the help of their parents. While it is likely that the reading levels of six year olds will vary greatly based on the child, games that require kids to read are great for all ability levels. You can keep it super simple by playing a rhyming game in the car on their way to soccer practice even.

3. Games that use numbers

Numbers are something that most six year olds should be familiar with. While they likely will not know all the numbers, they should at least have a broad understanding of the actual concepts of what numbers are and how they work. Counting games are always fun, such as asking your kid to count out how many cups are in the kitchen or how many colored pencils are in the art drawer.

4. Games that include other kids

Especially after two years of social distancing, it is so important for six year olds this year to learn how to play with other kids their age. So finding time at least once a week for your kid to play games with other children is vital for their social development. And it is always healthy to introduce a bit of competition with it as well. A great type of competitive game to get your six year old involved in is a team sport such as soccer or baseball. Not only will it spark their understanding of teamwork, but keep them active and healthy as well.

5. Games that make the follow instructions

Games such as “Simon Says” or “Red Light, Green Light” have been around for years. And they are still very much applicable to children in 2022 as well. They are great games for six year olds because it encourages them to follow instructions. Because these games are active games too, it will encourage them to enhance their motor skills too and learn how to use their body while also following orders.

6. Games that involve the whole family

It is not only important for kids to play games with kids their own age, but also with other people of all ages. This means that playing board games with the whole family is a great way to get your six year old learning how to be patient, working with people who are in a different age demographic and simply creating bonds with other members of the family.

7. Games that let them be silly

Six year olds should feel like they have the opportunity to have fun and be silly. So you will want to get them engaged with games that allow just that! A great game for this is something like charades, where they have to act out words or phrases. They will also have to use their imagination as well!

There are so many great games for six year olds to play this year. What one will you introduce first?

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