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‘Sex And The City’ Reboot Featured All Sorts of Liberal Newspeak, And Still Wasn’t Good Enough for Liberals


The new Sex and the City reboot received numerous scathing reviews for failing to properly promote identity politics, even after going out of its way to incorporate messaging about race and gender, according to multiple sources.

The new show, “And Just Like That,” released Dec. 9, features a child questioning her gender identity, a character getting permission from an Indian woman to buy a traditional Indian outfit for a Diwali party, lectures about racial politics and a scene in which Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, struggles to fathom that a black woman is a college professor.

Critics perceived that “And Just Like That” was attempting to make up for racially and culturally insensitive moments in the original Sex and the City, which aired June 6, 1998. 

The show’s attempts to include social justice messaging were insufficient for critics. The effort to incorporate diversity included the addition of four new nonwhite friends into the characters’ circle, but NBC News noted that one character, an Indian woman, served as a support system for a white character, “a trope that women of color have long been relegated to.”

The Diwali scene in particular drew blowback. Mashable called it a “painfully lazy cultural portrayal,” and complained of “blatant tokenism and cliche-ridden narrative.” NBC and numerous other outlets pointed out that Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, mistakenly called her outfit a “sari” when it was in fact a “lehenga.”

Vogue described the scene as a “messy tangle of misnomers and misappropriation,” and bemoaned that the character explaining cultural appropriation was Indian. “Characters of color don’t always have to be the mouthpiece,” the Vogue piece stated, adding that “your non-white friends are not your mystical saviors.”

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  1. What a placating pile of “woke” crap. Why would anybody want to watch fake drama just to be lectures to? Oh wait… CNN still has viewers, so I guess there is an audience for sheep.

  2. Ohhhh I was a huuge fan of the original, but that was absolutely the wokest. How is it that these woke people somehow never saw the cultural appropriation of white culture? How many times have you seen people of color with bad wigs and straight blonde hair? And don’t give me that they were forced into it. The fro was a beautiful, natural style that went the way of the dinosaurs as the very women who maintain they could least afford to, paid top dollar and had hair extensions glued to their scalps. That hair scene with Miranda and woman professor was nauseating -Kissing booty, falling all over herself fawning. The spin off is a huge mis-step. Sorry, Sarah, not a fan of the reboot.

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