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Project Veritas Publishes Damning Military Documents on the use of Gain of Function in Creating the Fauci Flu

Documents published by Project Veritas appear to prove Anthony Fauci to be the liar we all know he is and the dangers of the so-called “vaccines” for the Fauci Flu.

The COVID World provided a good summation of the documents describing them as “stunning classified documents which give insight into the origin of COVID-19, the gain of function research, vaccines, suppression of treatments, and the government’s collusion with the media to conceal the facts and control the narrative surrounding the pandemic.”

Included in the documents are an executive summary and full proposal for Project Defuse, a project that the EcoHealth Alliance sought funding for in 2018 from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). That project included gain of function research on bat coronaviruses.

DARPA rejected the proposal, another document shows, because the “proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research” while it also violated a moratorium on such research.

Another document provided is DARPA’s announcement of Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT) as well as a report to the Inspector General to the Department of Defense (DOD) from US Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy on Aug. 13, 2021 detailing the dangers of the “vaccines” and the gain of function research.

Project Veritas did reach out to Fauci to get a comment, but he has not responded, but also from DARPA. A DARPA representative, Jared Adams, did respond and questioned the authenticity of the documents.

“It doesn’t sound normal to me,” Adams said. “If something resides in a classified setting, then it should be appropriately marked. I’m not at all familiar with unmarked documents that reside in a classified space, no.”

Project Veritas states that while DARPA initially rejected the program, Fauci went along with it anyway, conducting illegal gain of function research in America and in China. Fauci’s crew also know that treatments, like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, are effective but are suppressing that in order to push the experimental mRNA jabs.

Murphy’s report provides details on the dangers of the shots as he warned against “vaccine” mandates.

“Decisions with regards to the vaccines do not appear to be informed by analysis of the documents,” Murphy wrote. “The main points being that SARS-CoV-2 matches the SARS vaccine variants the NIH-EcoHealth program was making in Wuhan; that the DOD rejected the program proposal because vaccines would be ineffective and because the spike proteins being inserted into the variants were deemed too dangerous (gain-of-function); and that the DOD now mandates vaccines that copy the spike protein previously deemed too dangerous.”

Murphy added: “To me, and to those who informed my analysis, this situation meets no-go or abort criteria with regards to the vaccines until the toxicity of the spike protein can be investigated. There’s also information within the documents about which drugs effectively treat the program’s SARS-CoVs.”

Dr. Robert Malone has weighed in on the documents. He believes there needs to be an investigation by Congress to verify the documents, and if they are proven to be true secret documents this is huge.

“This report is damming on so many fronts. Read it. Read it. Read it,” Malone writes.

Malone added: “If validated, it is as big as the Pentagon papers. This would mean that research funded and conducted by the US Government has caused the death of millions of people worldwide. Just ponder that. I can’t hardly wrap my head around the idea. Shocking doesn’t describe how important this is. History will remember.”

Meanwhile, as Zero Hedge reports, House Republicans have unearthed emails showing Fauci knew that COVID-19 was “intentionally genetically manipulated.”

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