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Knucklehead Of The Week, New Year’s Edition: Cenk Uygur Hasn’t Been Paying Attention

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One might think that during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, knuckleheadedness in America might subside a bit. Perhaps we’d expect folks to be too busy eating holiday leftovers and winding down from the Christmas chaos to make utter fools of themselves in front of the entire country. One might make such an assumption, but then… one would be wrong; very wrong. The competition to be honored as 2021’s final KOTW this week was as fierce as any we’d seen throughout the year. And even though the preposterous Dan Rather did his best to take the prize, ultimately we just couldn’t ignore the buffoonery of Cenk Uygur.


Winner: Political commentator Cenk Uygur goes off on the unvaccinated and exposes the left’s thirst for authoritarianism in the process.

For those who may have forgotten exactly who Cenk Uygur is, you may remember the Turkish-American for his previous stint as a talking head on MSNBC. Nowadays he spends his time working on his far-left program The Young Turks and spouting nonsense on Twitter. Uygur has also earned some notoriety for an ongoing feud with Joe Rogan, during which Uygur idiotically challenged Rogan to a street fight. If such a fight were ever to take place, and if you were to have an opportunity to place a wager on its outcome, liquidate every asset you have and put your money on Rogan. We can only hope such a bout takes place someday.

On Thursday, Uygur decided to let loose on Twitter with this doozy: “Unvaccinated clowns who are causing giant Omicron surge are now tweeting ‘Congratulations Joe’ as if it’s Biden’s fault. Ok, do you want him to lock all of you down? Since right-wing is more diseased and contagious, he could take strong action – and then you would cry even more.”

Uygur’s comment is so out-of-whack on so many levels, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. First, Cenk, it’s not the unvaccinated who are causing the Omicron surge, it’s biology. This variant is orders-of-magnitude more transmissible than both Delta and the original version of COVID. Masks have virtually no impact on preventing it (unless you’re wearing an N-95). And the vaccines are effectively impotent against the spread. And if you weren’t so blinded by your twisted political ideology, you would recognize that the states/cities with the highest vaccination rates are getting hit the hardest by Omicron; see New York City and New Jersey for examples.

As for your point that the “right-wing is more diseased and contagious,” would you care to offer some data for that claim? Any data? So much for following ‘The Science.’ Apparently Uygur is also unaware that vaccination rates for racial minorities are significantly lower than those of white folks. And while it would be interesting to address Mr. Uygur’s assertion about “crying” – it’s hard to imagine any group that cries more than our friends on the left – that point really isn’t even worth addressing. But his overall mindset regarding lockdowns and government authority is certainly worthy of comment.

Cenk Uygur’s point that Biden could/should take “strong action” via implementing lockdowns lifts the veil on the left’s embrace of government authority. Uygur’s attitude is essentially, “It’s within Biden’s purview to implement vaccine mandates, and if you still refuse, he can just lock you down. So, shut your mouth and do whatever your government tells you to do.” It’s also interesting that Uygur continues with this mentality even after Biden himself confessed this week that there is no federal solution to the virus. Normally leftists are slightly more tempered with their enthusiasm for vocalizing such extremism, so we should at least give Mr. Uygur credit for being honest.

To be fair, it’s not just Cenk Uygur who holds these views on vaccines, COVID, and authoritarianism. There are tens of millions of other leftist, Democratic sheep who undoubtedly agree with him. They don’t just support total government control over their lives, they crave it. But since it would be both painful and tedious to try and list every other knucklehead who thinks the unvaccinated are the cause of all the world’s ills, and nincompoops like Joe Biden should be empowered to correct them, we can only pick one. Therefore, the knucklehead we choose this week is Cenk Uygur.


Honorable Mention #1: Dan Rather lectures us on “Let’s Go Brandon” and the truth.

The idea that Dan Rather would try and scold anyone about the truth is difficult to comprehend, but that’s exactly what he did on Thursday when he tweeted, “’#LetsGoBrandonReallyMeans ‘You can’t handle the truth.’” Dan Rather preaching about truth is like Joy Behar advising us on sex appeal, or Dr. Fauci offering tips on how to throw a baseball. Mr. Rather, for those who are too young to remember, lost his job on CBS seventeen years ago after being caught red-handed falsifying documents about President George W. Bush on 60 Minutes. Rather tried to put his thumb on the scale of the election but was caught lying and left the network in disgrace.

But there’s another aspect of this story that deserves questioning: Why does Dan Rather even have a Twitter account in the first place? The guy turned 90 years old in October, for crying out loud, and he had lost his mental acuity years ago as evidenced by his aforementioned botchery of the Bush story. Shouldn’t a family member talk him into shutting down his Twitter account, or at least hide his phone from him? Dan Rather should be enjoying all his ill-gotten wealth from those decades of leftist bias he pushed while he plays shuffleboard with his friends and forgets why he walked into the kitchen.


Honorable Mention #2: Vice-President Kamala Harris has an incoherent answer to a question on inflation.

Another week, another mention of Vice-President Harris as a contender for Knucklehead of the Week. During an interview this week with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face the Nation, Harris was asked, “Was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? These price spikes seem like they’re going to be with us for a while.” Harris was clearly unprepared for the question, choosing to ramble on about the supply chain crisis and promoting the Administration’s outrageous Build Back Better plan. It’s been reported previously that VP Harris is not a fan of reading briefs from her staff and doing the homework necessary to talk intelligently about such matters, and this episode illustrates that the problem has not gone away.

The supply chain crisis is only one factor affecting our skyrocketing inflation, Madame Vice-President. Government spending, like that proposed in BBB, is only going to exacerbate the problem of inflation, not help it. And would it be too much to ask for you to actually answer the question that was posed: Was it a mistake to consider inflation transitory? For those hoping Joe Biden doesn’t make it through his entire term, remember who’s in the on-deck circle.


Featured photo is a screengrab from C-SPAN on YouTube.

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  1. Does author have a secret desire for this bloated windbag!? To write an entire “article” about this gigantic nothingburger is odd at best.

    There are so many equally repulsive detritus-dealers on tv and internet that I have to wonder if there is an ulterior motive to writing something supposedly negative while mentioning his name in print half a dozen times.

    Better luck next time, this was not even close to being real journalism. It reads more like a secret admirer trying desperately to sound otherwise.

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