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Democratic City Recommends Residents Turn Down Thermostat, ‘Harness Sunshine’ As Energy Costs Spike

The city of Boulder, Colorado, issued a warning to residents Monday, urging them to cut back on home energy use throughout the winter as energy costs skyrocket.

On average, Boulder households are expected to pay $98 per month for natural gas-powered heating, a 37% jump compared to the $71 per month they paid last year, according to the city. The warning posted by city officials explained that nationwide supply challenges are to blame for the higher consumer costs.

“Turn down your thermostat and dress in layers: It’s not just up to your furnace to keep you warm,” the city wrote in the warning. “Dressing in layers can keep you warm while relying less on your heat source.”

“Avoid using hot water unless you need it: Cold water works just fine for washing most clothing,” the alert said. “Running your dishwasher daily, instead of hand washing your dishes, can often save both energy and water.”

The city also suggested that citizens “harness sunshine” by opening south-facing shades during the daytime. Installing better windows and installing additional insulation were among the other suggestions.

Residents will not only save money, but protect the planet by taking the suggested measures to cut down on natural gas use, the city said.

“It will be important this winter, more than in the past, to be a mindful energy user,” the warning said.

Boulder, meanwhile, filed a lawsuit in 2018 against major fossil fuel companies over their alleged impact on climate change. The lawsuit said climate change will lead to $100 million in added costs for local taxpayers over the next 30 years.

The city didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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