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Chicago Schools Tells Teachers Sex Is ‘Socially Constructed,’ Tells Them To Hide Students’ Gender Pronouns From Parents

A Chicago Public Schools (CPS) training program tells teachers that sex is a “socially constructed” phenomenon and instructs them to hide students’ gender pronouns from their parents, Fox News reported.

CPS told teachers that “gender and sex” are social constructs that have been “created and enforced” by society and threatened retaliatory measures if they didn’t use students’ preferred pronouns during a required teacher training program, Fox News reported.

A 104-slide PowerPoint titled “Supporting Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming Students” asserted that “everyone has multiple, overlapping identities” and that “gender & sex are socially constructed, meaning they’ve been created and enforced by the people in a society,” Fox News reported.

Another part of the presentation told teachers not to disclose to parents if their child identifies as a different gender or prefers different pronouns, and it cautioned teachers that there could be consequences for failing to comply, Fox News reported.

“Discussing a student’s transition with their parent or guardian without the student’s explicit consent is not permitted,” a slide reportedly read. “Disclosure of this kind can create an unsafe situation for the student. This is both a legal and safety concern, and there is no age restriction on this guidance.”

An anonymous CPS teacher told Fox News that the “most unethical aspect” of her job as a teacher in Chicago is using a different name and gender from what the student uses in school when talking with a parent.

“I understand that my own personal beliefs won’t always align with those of a company or a school district that I work for,” an anonymous teacher told Fox News. “I also accept that my students and I will not always share the same beliefs, in this case regarding gender identity and pronoun usage.”

“That’s not the issue, though,” she reportedly said. “In this situation, my school district is teaching false information about gender and sex to its employees — literally teaching them that it is all a social construct. … What type of education are we providing when we are articulating lies to our students in the name of keeping them comfortable?”

CPS did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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