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Boldfaced lies told by Fauci and Walensky at this week’s Senate Committee Hearing

Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, appeared at a Senate Committee Hearing earlier this week.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) offered what appeared to most certainly a softball question to setup extraordinary responses from the career bureaucrats. Asked simply if it’s true there are thousands of reported deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), in just a little over a minute’s worth of time the pair spun several lies.

Keep in mind, the VAERS database is maintained by Walensky’s CDC and is publicly available for review. Tuberville could look it up himself and find the most recent data, released last Friday, and find 21,382 deaths now reported, including a new death of a 7-year-old less than two weeks after a Pfizer jab.

What was the response? Walensky said she “couldn’t give you the number off the top of my head” and Fauci said “I don’t have a number.” Of course, that is nonsense that they don’t know what the numbers are, especially Walensky whose agency runs the database.

But furthermore, they’ve got a narrative to undermine the system that Walensky runs. Walensky said “if you get hit by a car tragically after getting vaccinated, that gets reported,” and Fauci parroted: “If you get vaccinated and you walk out and get hit by a car, that’s considered a death.”

An absolute farce on so many levels, but, it is true that there is “road traffic accident” as one of the adverse events. There are 20 “road traffic accident” adverse events reported, which as you can see from the site is just one of several adverse events for those patients.

Let’s look at some of those patient write-ups. One states a patient had congestive heart failure. The narrative: “Patient received first dose of Moderna vaccine on 1/11/2021 and no adverse reaction was reported. Patient’s son reported patient had a minor car accident and was taken to ER where he was tested positive for COVID pneumonia and he passed away in his sleep on the morning of 2/4/2021. Patient’s son stated due to his COPD, he was not able to survive the COVID pneumonia. No indication that death was related to COVID 19 vaccination.”

So, patient was jabbed and dies of COVID-19. Effective shot, right?

Another narrative states: “She started having breathing problems/heart attack appearance on 1/22/21 and went to the ER. Upon admittance was told it was an anaphylactic shock from the Covid shot. They kept her in ICU and released her 1/23/21. At 12:45 am on 1/24/21 she passed out and we called the ambulance. Hospital admitted her and worked through multiple organ failure issues and thought her numbers were under control. She was released on 1/27/21 and was driving on 1/28/21 around 4:15 pm and appears to have had heart failure and had a wreck. She passed away that day.”

Go through the 20 cases and you’ll see other adverse events, such as “sudden illnesses,” “chest paints,” “altered state of consciousness,” etc. often leading up to a car accident. Seems like it’s at least legitimate to question whether the jabs caused these events. At least more justification then deaths in motorcycle accidents being labeled COVID-19 deaths.

The narrative being spun by the liars is that you can’t rely on VAERS. Of course, they know the VAERS data is showing unprecedented number of deaths, and they need the public to discount it. There is truth, you can’t trust the VAERS data but not because it’s overreporting but rather underreporting.

Steve Kirsch reported that Walensky’s own CDC admits deaths are being undercounted by a factor of 6X while other findings suggest 20X to 41X undercounts. So, the 21,382 reported dead could actually be 138,983 at the 6X factor, 427,640 at 20X and 876,662 at 41X.

Nurses around the country have been blowing the whistle that their hospitals don’t even know what VAERS is or management is telling them not to report to VAERS, a system nurses have said takes over half an hour to submit a report. Nurses are being bullied just for questioning the jab.

Another lie, told by Walensky, was that “every one of those is adjudicated.” Oh really? Tell that to Maddie de Garay, the 13-year-old who is paralyzed after taking part in the Pfizer trials, at 12 at the time, who is still waiting for anyone in the mainstream just to listen to her story. Both Fauci and Walensky could have heard her story last year at Sen. Ron Johnson’s (R-Wisconsin) roundtable but refused to attend.

Brian Shilhavy writes that “not a single COVID-19 vaccine injury, let alone a death, has been tried in the Government Counter Measures Injury Compensation Program, the only place where a vaccine death or injury following a COVID-19 shot can be ‘adjudicated.’”

Then there’s the biggest lie, the ongoing “safe and effective” lie.

“The vaccines are incredibly safe,” Walensky said. “They protect us against omicron. They protect us against delta. They protect us against COVID. They don’t protect us against every other form of mortality out there.”

Journalist Alex Berenson has exposed that lie quite effectively including with three recent stories including data from Canada showing COVID-19 infections and deaths soaring after a first shot, internal data from hospitals showing massive increases in vaccine side effects and data showing the booster shots are not working.

There are hundreds of athletes suffering cardiac arrest and death and children’s hospitals being overwhelmed by infant cardiac patients.

There are thousands of fetal deaths reported in VAERS, not included in the death count because our wicked society views the unborn as not human.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. The People of this nation are waking up to the Democrats lies and in the end they will lose power due to their constant lying and making up stories that are not true. Fauci is the biggest farce so far in the medical advice he offers he flip flops more than Sleepy Joe does and at least he can blame it on his dementia We the people are going to revolt soon with this constant hiding facts, lying to the public, media ignorance and lying to protect this administration, we will prevail and win in this so called administration!

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