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Biden Is Acting In Cahoots With Human Smugglers, So Why Don’t R.I.C.O. Laws Apply To Him?

We now have proof of the Biden administration smuggling people who have just crossed our southern border with the help of the drug cartels, and hiring busses and jet aircraft to deliver them to their final destination in Westchester, New York, where they are met by NGO people to get them settled, without the knowledge or approval of local citizens nor city, county or state government officials. But Westchester is just one of many destinations where the two million-plus invaders of our borders have been hidden by the president and abetted in doing so by our corrupt, leftist mainstream press.

Because Biden’s stooges are working to finalize the second leg begun by the cartel coyotes bringing illegal aliens into America, this seems to me to be a violation of the racketeering act that the FBI is responsible for enforcing. The Mexican drug cartels bring people in and the Biden administration picks them up and delivers them to their final destination. That’s a crime.

It was bad enough when Americans had to live with the Biden administration simply breaking federal laws that forbid the crossing of aliens into America with no vetting and no checks as to health or criminal background, but it’s another matter altogether when we know that racketeering and human smuggling are being committed with the assistance of the president of the United States.

Joey is obviously concerned about this criminal activity being exposed, because these transfers of people illegally in our country are always done in the middle of the night, and the NGOs (actually the CIA is involved for security purposes and is plotting against the American citizens, which is also supposed to be illegal, but Joey doesn’t give a damn), so when can we expect criminal charges to be brought by the FBI against weepy Joey and his administration?

America, and especially Republicans, put up with three years of lying about Trump colluding with Russia, which lies involved illegal activities on the part of the FBI, the FISA court, Hillary Clinton and under-oath congressional lies from Democrats, while the mainstream press pushed these anti-Trump lies down the throats of Americans every night of the duration of the Trump presidency, even bankrupting some innocent Trump supporters who were caught up in the leftist lies.

But now that we know the Biden administration is waist deep in lies and illegal activity, all we hear from the leftist press is crickets. As Barack Obama once famously said: “this is not who we are” as a nation, and it’s definitely not the nation I grew up in, nor the nation I want to continue to live in. We’re quickly turning into a dictatorship where we know every statement from government officials is a lie, and we’d better not question the lies, or else.

Is the FBI an independent law-enforcement organization or is it just a tool of the current Democrat administration, and will they continue to ignore illegal acts on the part of Democrats, or will they finally enforce the laws of the United States? Considering the passive attitude toward Hunter Biden’s numerous crimes, I’ll bet nothing happens to stem the flow of illegals throughout the nation as long as Joey is in office.

Our nation is being betrayed by the president of the United States.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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