Today’s job numbers tell how Americans feel about COVID vax mandates

The Labor Department announced the November jobs data, which has been released with much fanfare by the mainstream media in the past. It seems that each time that the new data is released, they want to brag about how great of a job Joe Biden is doing. The numbers released today were mostly under the radar.

If you look at the headline shared by the Labor Department in the tweet above, you would think the radical left would want to brag about the unemployment number being 4.2%. After all, that’s in line with the labor stats of Donald Trump’s presidency and they very well may do that before the day is over.

They are hesitant to brag about it, however, because they know that Republicans are going to attack them for only 210,000 jobs being created. Economists had predicted for this number to be around triple that. The data shares some key information that we can learn from.

First, the data shows that jobs that are facing the public continue to remain unfilled. Retail, fast food, and other service-based jobs continue to struggle to find workers. While many will say that this is because those jobs are “difficult” or that they are not paying “a liveable wage,” nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, most of these industries have raised their pay in an effort to become competitive in the market. They have established sign-on bonuses which were almost unheard of in their industries before this “labor shortage.”

So the fall in the unemployment rate with fewer jobs being filled than anticipated is very confusing but very telling. What is the cause of the current situation?

First, Americans are sick and tired of the government and big organizations forcing them to take a vaccine that they do not want. The vaccine data shows that vaccination rates across the US have stagnated. Americans who wanted the vaccine have taken it, especially as many large employers have already instituted their vaccine mandates in accordance with King Joe’s vaccine decree.

Many of those large organizations are the very ones that are not adding jobs like economists predicted. They are the retail, fast food, service industry roles that are typically hiring like crazy at this time of the year. Instead, they are unable to find workers.

So where are they? They are not showing up on labor reports or in data to understand where they are at. That’s because they are not seeking public employment.

These individuals are starting their own businesses, refusing to bow to King Biden and the radical left. According to BLS data, companies with less than 10 employees continues to see a significant level of high growth. These are people who are starting jobs and working for themselves, or with their friends and family. They choose their freedom over government tyranny.

It is imperative that Americans support these businesses as they are starting out and operating. The radical left is convinced that they can give these businesses a few years and then the Americans will be forced back into government-managed labor markets. That will not happen if we support them and keep them going.

Rather than supporting the large businesses that are willing to go along with the radical left’s tyrannical moves, we need to support our friends and neighbors who are standing for freedom. As we do this, we also need to be prepared for the next step of messaging.

If the labor market remains as it is, big businesses will eventually struggle and be forced to consolidate or they will fail. Joe Biden and the radical left will use this as a means to crack down on small businesses through economic manipulation. Propaganda from the mainstream media will be spread that tells how the economy is struggling, forcing many Americans to cut back on their spending out of fear.

It is important to start getting in the habit of supporting these freedom-loving Americans now, before the radical left manipulates them out of existence.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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