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The Six Most Disastrous Members Of The Biden Administration

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss their choices for the six most disastrous members of President Joe Biden’s Administration, not counting Mr. Biden himself.


#6: Vice President of the United States – Kamala Harris 

Parker: I think I should preface our entire Sunday Six by noting that every single member of the Biden administration could arguably be placed in the first spot. The six we cover are guilty of heinous crimes against individual life and liberty, but what’s most amazing is that we have left off such names as Mayor Pete and the most unrecognizable Secretary of State in modern times, Anthony Blinken. The Biden administration is simply the worst collection of immature, stupid, selfish, and destructive human beings ever assembled in American leadership.

Kamala Harris is emblematic of this abysmal assemblage. In wartime, loose lips sink ships and in politics apparently loose hips sink approval ratings. This is what happens when you sleep your way to the top and end up as the face of the Peter Principle. Kamala Harris was probably not qualified to bring Mayor Willie Brown his coffee in the morning, and yet here she is, holder of one of the most simultaneously polished and hollow resumes in American politics. Vice President? Check. U.S. Senator? State Attorney General? Check. Big city District Attorney? Check. If she isn’t proof that credentials mean nothing, then I don’t know who is.

Kamala “I haven’t been to Europe, either” Harris is an embarrassment like no other. If there is a worst part to everything, it’s that she is probably so self-confident from decades of insincere platitudes and brown nosing from subordinates that she can’t grasp why her office is bleeding staff members and why her approval ratings are lower than her boss. If it is Christian to indulge in eine kleine schadenfreude over the Christmas season, it is that Kamala Harris’s last thoughts every night are that she is somehow polling worse than her boss – and he doesn’t even know he’s president. I’m more unlikeable than him? It must give her raging headaches to do the math on that.

Around the same time you and I sat down to discuss our Sunday Six, Powerline Blog also ran a piece on Harris. The whole thing is good (it’s linked here) but this paragraph stood out to me:

“Who would have guessed that an inarticulate and not very bright woman who failed the Bar Exam and got into politics the old-fashioned way as the special, special friend of a married old political codger would not excel? Besides everybody, I mean.”

No one is surprised. And it’s not good for this country at all. However, if there is a silver lining to the abject failures of Kamala Harris, it is that more and more Americans might be realizing it takes more than checking off a box for black skin and a uterus to make a quality human being and leader. Until voters get a redo, though, we are stuck with her.

#5: Secretary of the Treasury – Janet Yellen 

PF: The fact that Janet Yellen even occupies this position speaks to the political nature of virtually every institution we have. Yellen was previously the Chair of the Federal Reserve, one of the most important financial positions in the world, and one which is supposed to be free from all political influence. Yet Yellen was nominated directly from her position at the Fed to her position as Treasury Secretary, at which point she adopted seamlessly into her role and has become as political as anyone else in Washington, D.C.

While we can be sure that Secretary Yellen is extremely bright, having graduated from Brown University and Yale, the fiscal policies she is overseeing as Treasury Secretary are as unintelligent and damaging as any we’ve seen from the Administration. Coming off the heels of the Covid lockdowns and panic of the Covid pandemic, Biden and Team were poised to oversee the natural economic rebound that was inevitable. By the time of Biden’s inauguration in January, businesses were opening up, people were getting ready to go back to work if they weren’t doing so already, and we were vaccinating over a million Americans per day. All Biden and Yellen had to do was to sit back, watch, and not screw things up. But they couldn’t help themselves.

While Biden was sending absurdly mixed messages to Americans about vaccines (“the vaccines are great and you must get one, but even after you do you have to mask up and be scared”), Yellen was helping to craft one of the most radical spending binges in our country’s history. We had the $1.9 trillion Covid Relief Bill which led to Americans staying on extended unemployment which led to our current supply chain crisis. We had the $6 trillion budget proposal which would have increased our budgetary spending by an unfathomable 50%. And of course we have the $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill which barely mentions actual infrastructure. Now Yellen is lying about Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ boondoggle because she wants to spend some more.

The predictable outcome of all of Yellen’s irresponsibility is, of course, runaway inflation. A phenomenon we’re already seeing, and one which is about to get much worse.


#4: Attorney General – Merrick Garland 

Parker: As much as Mitch McConnell enjoys giving consersative voters aneurysms, he deserves credit for withholding a Supreme Court hearing in which Merrick Garland likely would have ascended to the highest bench. He’s a lot of things, but thankfully term limited is one of them. Can you imagine this anti-American zealot handing down monumental decisions for three decades?

In terms of advancing impartial and blind justice to the American people, Garland might as well not even be the Attorney General. It is hard to think of anything happening under his auspices that would be considered fair and just. On the other hand, in terms of advancing the narrative of cultural Marxism and leftism tropes in general, he has been wildly successful. Most notorious of his abuse of power is the episode where he directed his goons to keep an eye on concerned American parents. Most outrageous is the fact that these actions were taken after the father of a raped high school girl was prevented from speaking at a Virginia school board meeting. When he got upset and law enforcement was sicced upon him, the larger narrative of out-of-hand Trumpers threatening the safety of school board members arose. As it turns out, the Virginia county where this took place knowingly covered up the sexual assault. Lies from the beginning.

There is no end in sight to the one-sided application of justice. Officers were waiting to arrest Derek Chauvin on federal charges if the jury did the “wrong” thing in Minneapolis last spring. Garland continues to weaponize political dissidents by going after anyone connected to January 6th; whether it is still-incarcerated citizens or high-profile targets being summoned with subpoenas, the fake outrage and fake concern over the events taking up his time. Where is his concern for habeas corpus? False imprisonment? There have been no charges related to insurrection or treason; only ginned up charges of trespassing. It’s all a frustrating and mind-numbing scam.

Emblematic of the rot in the entire Justice Department, Garland has as a subordinate – and Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights – a vicious racist by the name of Kristen Clarke. This woman has spewed vile filth and immense anti-white hatred for decades, including commentary that blacks are inherently superior due to the concept of neuromelanin. In her personal and professional life, she only sees, and only allows herself to see, white supremacy under every rock and in every human interaction. As a result, there can never be such a thing as impartiality in the application of law. Consummate with the notions proffered by Ibram X. Kendi and other evil human beings, the only solution to historical or perceived racism is overt racism against innocent whites and conservative-minded folks. The entire department is corrupt to the core.

#3: Secretary of Defense – Lloyd Austin 

PF: I would argue that the most detrimental military debacle in generations was the pullout from Afghanistan. Various aspects of the Vietnam War saw more lives lost and likely cost more taxpayer dollars as a whole, but for sheer impact, the fiasco of leaving Afghanistan last August has been worse.

Our role in Afghanistan leading up to the decision to pull out had been that of a relatively disengaged occupier. We hadn’t had a single casualty there since February 2020 (for those of you in Rio Linda, as Rush Limbaugh might say, that was eighteen months), and the Afghan military was relatively stable due to our presence there if needed. Yet we withdrew. We had thirteen Americans die during the pullout, and thousands of Americans and American green card holders are still stranded there. We left behind $85 billion dollars’ worth of military equipment to the terrorists known as the Taliban. Millions of Afghan women are either currently experiencing or about to experience misogynistic violence and oppression that we can’t even imagine. And now millions of Afghans are facing starvation in what could be the worst humanitarian crisis since the African famine of the mid-1980s.

So, who’s to blame? Aside from Joe Biden, Secretary Austin is the most culpable. We could certainly award an assist to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, but Milley reports to Austin. Lloyd Austin is responsible for overseeing our military, and an operation such as the Afghanistan pullout would require tremendous oversight by the Pentagon, and Austin would have been deeply involved in the extensive planning required for such an effort.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was catastrophic in every way, and unfortunately we may not have seen the worst of its consequences. Al Qaeda planned the September 11th terror attacks under the protection of the Taliban, and we’re therefore much less safe now as a result. There’s no telling what brutality is being planned in Afghanistan at this very moment. And along with Joe Biden, we have Secretary Austin to thank for it.


#2: Director of the NAIAD – Anthony Fauci 

Parker: Anthony Fauci has earned the notorious distinction of being one of the most murderous Americans in history. I don’t say that lightly, but I also don’t say that in a hyperbolic fashion. Is it wrong? At every step of the way in this non-pandemic scamdemic, Fauci has misled and straight up lied to the American public, most of whom are gullible sheep and probably believe him when he says that anyone who attacks him is “attacking science.” The results have been lethal.

When I say Fauci is responsible for killing Americans, this is why: He funded the research that led to Covid. That’s a fact. Just that alone should also make him guilty of something; he violated then-President Obama’s pause on gain-of-function research, and somehow when Rand Paul questioned him in a Senate hearing this minuscule murderer had the temerity to suggest equipping an animal virus with the ability to infect humans did not meet the definition of “gain of function.”

As Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek would say: Simply stunning.

When the virus hit our shores and our heartland, Fauci averred to the inutility of masking. There was no reason for the layperson to do it, he declared. Since then, the mask has been adopted as the most fundamental symbol of the Covid religious zealotry. It even makes sense to layer up. He has also made comments that mandatory vaccines are more important than a person’s right to privacy or medical freedom; this could easily be construed as supporting the death of countless Pfizer and Moderna victims, to say nothing of us utter disregard for the sacrosanct notion of natural rights.

However, the most obvious reason Fauci is a mass murderer is because he has withheld vital information about prophylactic and therapeutic treatments as it pertains to Covid infection and symptomatic manifestations. Pure and simple, Fauci ran roughshod over various off-patent and off-label drugs in order to ram through his own deadly treatment of Remdesivir and make sure there were no suitable alternatives that would complicate an EUA for the non-vaccine vaccines. By the count of various reputable doctors – Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough among them – the refusal of Fauci to acknowledge the obvious positive effects of early treatment with extant drugs in favor of long-shot vaccines is responsible for most Covid deaths in the United States.

#1: White House Chief of Staff – Ron Klain 

PF: Since we’ve agreed to not include President Biden himself in this discussion, we must ask ourselves a question: If Biden is merely a barely functioning figurehead, which it seems clear that he is, then who is really calling the shots? Who’s the one pulling Biden’s marionette strings? We can’t know for sure, but for me the most obvious culprit would be Mr. Klain.

As Chief of Staff, we can safely assume no one interacts more with Biden than Ron Klain. No matter the topic, no matter the crisis, a Chief of Staff is going to have his fingers in everything the president does. Biden’s ridiculous spending plans? There is no doubt that Klain weighed in on each one of them; heavily. The decision to pull the trigger on the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal? Klain absolutely had input there as well. And while there’s no question that Dr. Anthony Fauci and other authoritarian bureaucrats were pushing Biden to implement vaccine mandates and to acquiesce to teachers’ unions with school closings, we can rest assured that it was Ron Klain who advised Biden and orchestrated the policies.

If we also consider the calamitous supply chain crisis, the Administration’s insistence on divisive identity politics, the repeated missteps with China and Russia, and the apparent strategy to have Biden become Bernie Sanders’ political clone, the Biden Administration is in tatters. And Ron Klain has his fingerprints everywhere we look.

With Biden’s approval ratings in free fall, you would think at some point the president would look to send someone packing. Establish a reset. And if Biden was serious about such an idea, Klain would be the most obvious one to fire, since he can’t ditch Vice-President Kamala. But if I had to bet, my money would be on Biden staying the course and keeping Klain; along with the rest of the clowns in his Administration.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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One Comment

  1. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was not the worst thing Sec Def Austin has done.
    The absolute worst thing he has done was to deny science by forcing the military personnel to take the EXPERIMENTAL vaccine or be discharged. Because of this he is the first Secretary of Defense that is guilty of crimes against humanity.
    More importantly, he has absolutely destroyed the US military. The EXPERIMENTAL vaccine he has forced our soldiers to take will kill all of them within 5 years. Most of them, being fit and healthy will die of heart attacks /myocarditis/pericarditis and it is already happening. Just like the star athletes that are dropping like flies from heart issues (305 so far this year and over 70 in the past 30 days – ALL VAXXED) only the military is not reporting it.
    When the majority of our military are sick or dying due to the vaccine, what defense will we have against China? Or Russia?
    Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology that the Fauci Flu vaccine is based on says the vaccine will destroy your immune system….. it will cause you to become ADE. Dr Malone says DO NOT GET THE VACCINE. All the animals injected with the Fauci Flu vaccine DIED, of vaccine injury. They mostly died of the Fauci Flu which they could not fight off due to the vaccine induced ADE, but some of them died of more direct vaccine injuries like seizures, heart attacks, clots, strokes etc.
    Sec Def Austen is a full fledged traitor to the US, as is Pedo Joe Biden.

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