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Should you replace traditional workout sessions with Pilates?

We are always in a hurry, isn’t it? But no matter how busy you are in life; health should be given pivotal importance. You cannot compromise health for anything. Sometimes the traditional way of exercising like yoga, weight lifting feels too boring. Just to spice up your fitness regime, let’s explore the new kind of fitness program, Pilates.

Lately, if you have been finding it a bit stale to continue with the old gym membership, start with the Pilates classes to expand the fitness horizons. This versatile and super cool fitness training program is available both online and offline. Regardless of your fitness background, Pilates can prove to be a workout game changer. 

Pilates can help gracefully improve body movement; although extremely challenging, a certified professional instructor can seamlessly guide you. Multiple variations of a single exercise make this fitness process quite interesting.

How can Pilates help you?

The low-impact Pilates exercises strengthen body muscles, improve postural flexibility and alignment. The moves include precise, slow movements, along with breath control. No special equipment is necessary; free-hand Pilates is equally beneficial. Generally, each session lasts for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Pilates exercises work on the entire body but mostly target the core. This specific kind of fitness training is not restricted to particular body parts. Although Pilates moves directly focus on the trunk and core area of the body, that does not indicate only your abs. Pilates is mostly defined as abdominal muscles or core exercise; it does not just limit your abs. It actually works on the entire trunk, which involves hips, outer and inner thighs, abdominals, and the back. Pilates instructors prefer to make the moves to engage multiple areas of a body like glutes, arms, and lower legs. So, with Pilates, you can expect a full-body workout.

Practical benefits of regular Pilates classes?

Being a full-body exercise method helps you perform things in a much better way. Pilates helps in stabilizing and strengthening the core area of the body. In other words, it works on the major foundation of your system and enables you to move smoothly, focusing on your flexibility, posture, and mobility.

If you have been looking ahead for functional movement of your body or exercises that can make your movement better in day-to-day life, Pilates is the only answer. Again, you cannot just ignore the muscle benefits, especially when it comes to the endurance realm. According to one of the studies published in 2010, people performing one hour of Pilates twice a week can enjoy significant increases in hamstring flexibility, abdominal endurance, and upper body muscular strength.

Just like any other form of exercise, Pilates has its own beneficial effect on our mental health. Regular Pilates practitioners can see a reduction in anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

You can start with Pilates at home, but for a professional experience, you can always get in touch with Pilates Sydney Movement 101. They have a group of professional and experienced staff who can guide you in accordance with your necessities.

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