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Recent voter suppression in China shows Democrats a path forward to control US elections

On Sunday, Hong Kong held an election for its legislature in a new format that was super controlled by the Chinese government. According to NBC News, only 30% of registered voters showed up to vote. Polling places were ghost towns as citizens saw no point in showing up for the election.

It was a stark contrast to previous elections. In 2019, approximately 71% of voters went to the polls to vote. That was at the height of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong where people were demanding their freedom.

This election had one key difference, however. China had successfully pulled any candidate from the ballot who was against the Chinese government. All the pro-democracy candidates were removed, removing any hope of the people from electing anyone that would actually represent the will of the people.

It is a direct denial of any actual representation for the people. Instead, the people that mainland China wants in the roles will win the elections, but that really is not surprising. After all, China is a communist nation.

But what happened in Hong Kong should be of special interest to Americans. China successfully provided to Democrats their path forward to force Americans into submission.

Think back to earlier this year when AOC said that anyone who supported Trump should be placed on a registry. Other Democrats spoke out and said that anyone who suggests there was instances of election fraud, they should be removed from their ability to function in society.

Chris Cuomo said that Christians should be removed from participating in society. Others have suggested that those who refuse to obtain a vaccine should not be allowed to receive healthcare or participate in society. There is a common theme among all of these items.

That is, Democrats insist that they are the only people capable of selecting those who are worthy to exist in America and participate in various aspects of our culture. If you are not accepting of a vaccine, facemasks, government fraud, and a communist agenda, then you should probably start hiding somewhere as the Democrats seem to be coming after you.

So it only seems logical that Democrats would try to follow the same guidance of the CCP in an attempt to control elections. What if the Democrats target conservatives, pro-America, pro-Constitution candidates and refuse to allow them a place on the ballot?

That certainly seems like an easy way for someone to win an election, doesn’t it? It worked for communist China. All they have to say is that these people are trying to usurp the Constitution and an election and boom, they could win the lawsuit to prevent the names from being on the ballot.

Now before you think this idea is far-fetched for the US, think again. In 2020, Democrats successfully sued to keep Green party candidates off the ballot in the state of Texas. They also made successful arguments to prevent candidates from appearing on ballots in other states as well.

So while the idea may seem a little “out there” to some people, it is not as far-fetched as it may seem. Democrats have already kept candidates from ballots and most certainly will try again. How much longer will it be until they try to remove any candidates other than their radicals from the ballot?

It may not be as long as you think. With the results of the January 6 commission due soon, could it be that Democrats use this to argue for the removal of names from the ballots?

It is no wonder Democrats want to federalize national elections. It would give them all the power they need to accomplish this goal.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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