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Packing More Than Just Toys: Santa Receives Concealed Carry Permit

Santa Claus visited El Paso County, Colorado, weeks early this year to apply for a concealed handgun permit from the local sheriff’s office.

“Guess who came in to receive his Concealed Handgun Permit today?” the county sheriff’s office tweeted with a Santa emoji. “Did you know the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has issued 49,750 Concealed Handgun Permits with another 2,560 awaiting to be issued?”

The tweet included a photo of Santa Claus sitting at a desk at the sheriff’s office with an administrative worker on the other side. Santa appeared to be filling out a concealed handgun permit application. The tweet encouraged readers to visit the sheriff’s office website for more information.

The tweet received an immediate influx of comments. Josh Helmuth, a Colorado news anchor, wrote “Santa doesn’t just carry toys in his sack, he packin’ heat.”

“you better watch out / You better watch out / You Better Watch Out / YOU BETTER WATCH OUT,” Daily Beast reported Kelly Weill tweeted.

“Be good for goodness sake,” commented Steve Staeger, a reporter for NBC 9.

“wh…who’s Santa tryna shoot?” wrote Kate Singh, a producer for Fox 21 News.

Colorado is a “shall issue” state, meaning that the state’s sheriffs are generally obligated to give a concealed carry handgun permit to anyone who meets the law’s basic requirements, according to the Giffords Law Center.

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One Comment

  1. In this day and age Santa needs to carry. He may be robbed of all those toys for children at Christmas. Every year at Christmas there are break-ins where people come home and all of their gifts are gone! That’s how low life criminals think about Christmas. Why buy Christmas gifts when you can give your kids a very good Christmas by stealing them from two or three homes? That’s how rotten they are. That’s why I have two pit bulls and one Rottweiler in my home. If the offender survives getting shot, they will eat what’s left over! I know that sounds harsh but I know someone who had it happen to them and it devastated the whole family. No gifts for the kids or family, the feeling of fear that someone got into their home and violated the sanctity of the home. It makes my blood boil every time I think of it. And what if they would have had weapons and came when they were home with their little kids? I worked in a prison for over 16 years and know the evil in this world because I saw it every day. Things if I told someone they wouldn’t believe it or wouldn’t want to leave their home! Santa indeed needs to carry concealed.

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