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Observations On Omicron: Six Takeaways Regarding The Latest Covid Variant

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative comment on six takeaways regarding the most recent Covid variant: The Omicron Variant.

 #6: It’s clear that Democrats and their media desperately want Americans to be fearful of all things Covid.

 PF: I don’t know what’s more remarkable: The fact that Democrats and their media keep hyping Covid and trying to instill fear in everyone, or the way in which so many Americans seem to fall for it. The woman who discovered the variant – Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association – downplayed the variant as follows, “What we are seeing clinically in South Africa, and remember I’m at the epicenter of this where I’m practicing, is extremely mild, for us [these are] mild cases. We haven’t [hospitalized] anyone.” But that didn’t matter to Democrats.

 President Biden almost immediately announced implementation of a travel ban from South Africa, which apparently is xenophobic if President Trump does it with China, but perfectly fine when Biden does it. New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul wasted no time in trying to seize power, declaring a health emergency and assuming all of the powers that come with such a declaration, despite not having a single case of the variant in her state. And leftwing media outlets were more than willing to play along with the panic porn, focusing on “what we don’t know” and the idea that Omicron could be “potentially more transmissible.”

 There’s much we’re still learning about Covid, particularly when it comes to Omicron. The prudent approach would be for everyone to take a deep breath and discuss it logically, but therein lies the problem for Democrats. If we all look at Covid and its variants logically, we’ll inevitably conclude that we don’t need mask and/or vaccine mandates. We’ll figure out that we don’t need to shut down schools again and we don’t need to grant sweeping powers to overzealous Democratic governors. And most importantly, if we’re calm and reasonable in how we react to Omicron, we’ll conclude that we don’t need to spend another trillion dollars on some “relief” bill. Like everything else with Covid, Democrats see Omicron as an opportunity to force their agenda down our throats. 

#5: Neither Covid nor boosters are going away anytime soon; this only ends when enough people stop listening and say “enough!”

 Parker: I have a question for everyone. If the government announced tomorrow that Covid were gone, what is more likely – that people would unthinkingly accept the pronouncement from Anthony “Mengele” Fauci or that people would cower from the thought of Covid for months or years to come?

 I ask that without having an answer of my own. It is clear that hypnosis on a national level has set in on the population, conditioned by the principles of what psychologists term mass formation. If one believes that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are adroit at playing the long game, it’d be easy to suggest that years of media brainwashing and incessant progenation of Trump Derangement Syndrome had essentially primed the population to fall into lockstop at the snap of Fauci’s fingers or the admonitions from the Biden White House. At the same, the fear is so real in countless individuals – evidenced by boostered folks still donning masks – that it is hard for me to believe they could shake their ingrained paralysis so easily.

 It’s all moot to ask, because the elites have no foreseeable intention of relinquishing their power. Oregon just announced indefinite mask mandates. The Biden administration will likely attempt bans on domestic travel for the derided unvaxxed population. It’s all insane and shows no sign of slowing down. And there is room to get a lot worse. Have you seen reporting and videos out of Australia? We even covered here how many European nations have apparently succumbed to either the ultimate power trip or repeated exposure to graphene oxide from their boosters and restricted the unclean from civilization. Actually, even the “protected” ones are locked down. 

 Covid will not go away. Omicron coincidentally appeared right in front of the Christmas holiday season (and after mandates failed in the US). I have always loved December; the seasons change in the northern climate, there is the anticipation of time off and time of celebration, there is the once-a-year music I listen to, and now with a kid I am reliving the magic of the season. I say all this because the elites, in their effort to ruin everything about America, have timed Omicron really well with trying to ruin the entire Christmas season and everything special about it. It isn’t slowing me down – nothing about Covid proclamations have yet – and as soon as the number of people who abide by the same love of freedom hits critical mass, only then will Covid edicts go away.

 #4: The decision by the WHO to name the variant ‘Omicron’ instead of ‘Xi’ tells us all we need to know about the politicization of Covid.

 PF: It’s been clear for years now that the World Health Organization (WHO) is more concerned with politics than health, but Covid brought that reality front and center in the minds of many Americans, particularly regarding their clear subservience to China. And while this incident of naming the variant may seem trivial, it’s remarkably indicative of the overall mindset of the WHO when it comes to obedience to China.

 The naming convention of the WHO for such variants requires them to use letters from the Greek alphabet, and naturally they generally follow in alphabetical order: alpha, beta, gamma, etc. After the Delta variant, there were two letters that the WHO skipped. The Greek letter Nu was skipped to avoid confusion, and considering that the letter is pronounced “new,” that decision makes sense. But the letter Xi was also skipped. The reason given by the WHO was to avoid “causing offense to any cultural or ethnic group.” That justification is nonsense. It was all about politics.

 The president of communist China is Xi Jinping, and that’s the problem for the WHO. Never mind that the correct pronunciation of President Xi’s name is “zhee,” whereas the Greek letter Xi is pronounced “hee,” the WHO didn’t want any part of the name. Was it done to simply avoid ruffling President Xi’s feathers? Or was it done at the direction of Chinese officials? We’ll probably never know, but my money is on the latter.

 Based on their behavior, one would think China is the one funding the WHO, but it’s not. The U.S. gives the WHO more than ten times what China does, but we would think it’s the other way around. The WHO has been uncooperative in helping to determine the origins and culpability of Covid, because the finger points squarely at China. The WHO originally downplayed the seriousness of the virus so as not irritate China, which aided in the spread of the virus. Every time we turn around, the WHO is pledging fealty to China, and it’s time we put a stop to it. Forget about ‘Defund the Police,’ we need to ‘Defund the WHO.’

 #3: The latest variant is at once “mild” and yet produces symptoms quite similar to those of the supposed vaccines.

 Parker: You quoted a few of the doctors in South Africa that first reported on the latest variant as saying it was mild and didn’t produce any hospitalizations. This is, at least ought to be, good news. Of course, announcing a mild variant is about as productive as distributing ivermectin kits to the American people to the elites running show, so we can count on any sensible or truthful revelations being withheld emphatically. Joe Biden wasted no time shutting down flights – though the Southern border remains wide open to any Africans able to make the journey to Mexico. The whiff of any new variant also provides Tony Fauci a chance to reiterate the necessity of vaccines and boosters one more time.

 Curiously, this decidedly less-virulent strain somehow produces quite dangerous side effects. It is being widely reported that Omicron, among other things, causes a number of heart-related complications such as heart failure, arrhythmias, heart inflammation, and blood clots. I would say they just think we’re stupid, but it’s far worse than that. They KNOW we’re stupid.

 As our friends over at Granite Grok said in response to this report:

 If this narrative transition is true, the media machine will ramp up to sell the new secret sauce. People fearful of heart-related complications may embrace the Jab, thinking it might protect them from symptoms that are a result of the COVID vaccines, not COVID or the Unicorn Variant.”


 #2: Last Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci exposed himself once again for what he truly is: a holier-than-thou bureaucrat pretending to be a scientist.

 PF: To support my point that Fauci is pretending to be a scientist, I’d point to any number of issues on which Fauci has been wrong on Covid, and as evidence I’d cite any of the articles you wrote earlier this year in your series “The Flip-Flopping Anthony Fauci.” Fauci’s ineptitude and backtracking has been so pervasive, you needed to include six separate pieces in that series, and I’m sure if you were so inclined you could write another six.

 As for my point about Fauci being nothing but a bureaucrat, we need look no further than his interview last Sunday on CBS News’ Face the Nation. During that interview, the doctor was asked about calls by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for Fauci to be prosecuted for lying to Congress, at which point Fauci responded, “I should be prosecuted? What happened on Jan. 6, senator?” You’re being interviewed in your role as one of our top government health officials, Dr. Fauci, what in the hell does January 6th have to do with the topic?

 Earlier in the interview, when asked about Cruz’ criticism and that of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Fauci explained, “They’re really criticizing science, because I represent science. That’s dangerous.” Therefore, it’s dangerous to criticize Dr. Fauci because Dr. Fauci is science. Or put a better way, Dr. Fauci is Science… with a capital “S”.

 But perhaps most indicative of his bureaucratic arrogance was this line from Fauci: “All that theater that goes on with some of the investigations and the Congressional committees and the Rand Paul’s and all that other nonsense, that’s noise, that’s noise. I know what my job is.” Because that’s how Fauci views the world. That’s how Fauci views his position. You can’t criticize him. You can’t question him. And if you do criticize or question him, that’s dangerous.

 I hate to break the news to you, Dr. Fauci, but no one elected you; nobody. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, however, were elected. In our system of government, our Legislative Branch is responsible for oversight of the Executive Branch, and you doctor, work within the Executive Branch. When a legislator questions you about your actions, that isn’t noise, sir, that’s what we elected them to do. 

 #1: We should be celebrating new variants; science and common sense both suggest each successive one will be less lethal.

 Parker: I am not a trained doctor. I am not even an untrained one. But I do have the ability to think rationally and clearly. Maybe it’s the autism from my other vaccines…who knows?

 What seems beyond obvious in these variant rollouts is that evolutionary theory demands subsequent strains must be less lethal in order to survive. Before Covid, pretty much every scientist and virologist admitted this was the case. The initial Covid outbreak, promulgated by the so-called Alpha strain, tore through society’s most vulnerable. Even then, it didn’t kill most people. If it had, who would have been left to transmit it?

 We were repeatedly told Delta and Delta+, whatever that means, were highly contagious. Notice the keyword they used: Contagious. It was never described as being as deadly. Perhaps it was, but those claims would have been disingenuous and unscientific. The reason for increased death in 2021 is certainly more attributable to the combination of primarily the vaccine rollout and a continued withholding of essential and entirely safe, cheap, and effective prophylactics/therapeutics like HCQ and IVT.

 This latest iteration of Covid, conspicuously skipping over Xi in the Greek alphabet, has already been identified as mild. This makes sense and it should be celebrated. If a less-virulent strain becomes dominant, then it signals that the globe is well on its way to an endemic virus that will only continue to weaken. However, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been suckling at the teat of power and mass hypnosis for nearly two years. Why give that up now? Moreover, who among the herd would even be able to regain freedom of thought and movement?

 We have now encountered the realm of peak insanity (I say this knowing there is never a peak to the irrationality of the human mind). There is no reason to think the Western governments will willingly relinquish their authority, but even if they did, would the citizens accept it? There has been so much panic porn, mass formation, and general indoctrination that it seems plausible that Tony Fauci could announce Covid magically disappeared and there would still be a sizable portion of the population that chose to live in fear of a non-existent virus.

 None of this inspires much hope.

 Featured photo is a screengrab from CNBC

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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