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Newsom’s gun threat is part of a bigger plan for the radical left

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Saturday that since the Supreme Court allowed the Texas pro-life law to stand, his state would take their lead. He said he had instructed his staff to draft a bill that would follow the same guidelines as Texas against those who may sell ghost guns or “assault weapons” in the state of California.

I wrote about the mainstream media starting their assault on guns just a few days ago. No doubt Newsom and his radical plans were coordinated with the media to bring the matter front and center. While Newsom may want to follow the same plan as Texas, there are key differences between what Texas did and what he intends to do.

As has been stated multiple times, the right to an abortion is not specifically spelled out in the Constitution. The “right” as the radical left wants to claim, was made up through the minds of the Supreme Court in decisions like Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey. Our Constitution does not guarantee the right to an abortion, but it does guarantee the right to life.

The Supreme Court ruling also does not change the fact that a state can decide what it would like to do on the matter of abortion. For example, if California wants to continue allowing abortions, then it can. States that want to protect life as the Constitution says, they can. The Supreme Court ruling does not make abortion illegal, but it pushes the issue back to the states to decide since it is not a constitutional issue.

Newsom’s law on the other hand would directly prevent someone from being able to obtain a firearm, a right that is explicitly called out in the Constitution. The Second Amendment says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That is exactly what his law will do.

Newsom believes that he has found a way to circumvent the Constitution by following Texas’ lead, but Texas was never circumventing the Constitution. Texas not only moved to protect the sanctity of life, as the Constitution calls for, but they also were in reality circumventing a law that was created through the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does not make laws in the US. State and federal legislators make the laws in accordance with the will of the people and in the framework of the Constitution.

Newsom’s law would also not be a state issue to decide since it is specifically called out in the Constitution. There are some things that states are able to pass, which California already has. They have limited the capacity of magazines for firearms. California also had an “assault weapon” ban up until earlier this year when an appeals court struck the law down.

Several states and jurisdictions had passed similar laws to that of California and have seen those laws come into question. Colorado had a ban, which was struck down earlier this year as well. It takes time for these cases to go through the courts, but Newsom’s law has a unique aspect to it.

Rather than attacking the gun as is normal for the radical left, they are actually going after the businesses behind guns. The law would not make it illegal to have the items, but rather would allow citizens to sue a company that sells the items. One online listing I found shows 3,135 licensed gun dealers in the state of California that would all be under the threat of lawsuits if the bill passes. There are thousands more that sell firearms and parts into the state of California from online stores.

I do believe that Newsom’s overreach will once again be struck down by the appeals court and that the law will be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. I also believe that Gavin Newsom understands this as well. They understand that the Constitution protects the gun rights of Americans. But they also see this as a path toward what they truly want.

The radical left is upset that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of life, so they are going to make a couple of moves to attack the Supreme Court very quickly. Chief Justice John Roberts actually established the foundation for this in his recent comments about the Supreme Court. He said that he was concerned about the place of the Supreme Court and that he believes the Supreme Court is the ultimate lawmaker in the country. The radical left believes that as well.

So while these cases are hurried to the Supreme Court, they will be struck down. Then the radical left has their election wording and their action plan for going forward. The conversation will turn to how conservatives have used the Supreme Court to take over the country and that Democrats must be elected to once again establish a fair court.

In order to establish a fair court, they will argue the need to appoint at least two new justices on the court. They may even go as high as six justices. All in favor of stacking the court to protect their constitutional overreaches.

Trust me, Newsom understands that this is not a plan against guns that will work. He is very well connected to the Biden radical agenda and he understands what he is up against in the Supreme Court. That’s all part of their plan.

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