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New York Schools Preparing for Cardiac Arrest from Students as Vax Mandates Loom

A Suffolk County school in the State of New York sent an email to parents announcing the hiring of a new school district doctor who specializes in sudden cardiac arrest.

The email, from Eastport-South Manor School District (ESM), does not mention COVID-19 “vaccines.”

However, children are not normally thought as those who need cardiac arrest specialists while more and more evidence is coming out that the jabs are more dangerous for the young than the virus is. The American Heart Association has released studies showing increased rates of myocarditis amongst kids who have been jabbed as well as that “most patients” are at higher risk of heart issues after an mRNA shot.

The EMS email, which states that schools are now required to have a cardiac arrest specialist, was obtained by The Gateway Pundit. The email states:

“One such effort has to do with new regulations regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest. All districts are now required to ensure that nurses and coaches can address the treatment and monitoring of students who exhibit signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. In addition, districts are required to make sure that all staff are aware of the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest and what to do if a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest. Please see the attached information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest.”

“The attached health survey is necessary for our medical staff to complete student physicals. To ensure that our medical staff have the necessary cardiac health information for all students, we ask that you please complete the attached student health survey and send it to your child’s school nurse. Even if your child has already had their annual physical, and you have provided the school with that information, please complete the first section of the attached form to provide the school nurse with the additional student health history regarding sudden cardiac arrest.”

This announcement from EMS comes on the heels of vax mandates on kids across the state. New York City now requires proof of “vaccination” among everyone aged 5 and older to enter indoor public spaces, like restaurants and theaters.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul wants the jabs mandated to go to school by the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

To the EMS Board of Education’s credit, it opposes such mandates sending a letter to Hochul stating:

“As a school district, we adamantly oppose such a mandate for our students and believe the decision to vaccinate a child should be left to their individual family in consultation with their health care provider. A sweeping mandate to inoculate all school-aged children with the COVID-19 vaccine is an overreach of power and will leave polarizing effects across our great state.”

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