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NC Sheriff being targeted over Bible verse by atheist group

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Wilmington, NC — A North Carolina sheriff finds himself being targeted by the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF sent a letter demanding that a Bible verse be removed from the walls of Sheriff Jody Greene’s office in Whiteville. The group claims that the verse on the wall is a constitutional violation.

The Sheriff’s office shared a photo on social media where Sheriff’s office deputies raised money for a church mission. The mission helps provide toys for children in need in the local community and has been operating for 11 years.

The deputies raised the money as part of No Shave November for the mission.

In the image, you can see the verse Philippians 4:13 in the background on the wall. The verse is one of encouragement for those who may face uncertain times or difficult situations. It seems fitting for law enforcement given the dangers of their job and the current left-wing backlash against them.

FFRF does not see it that way. They state that the verse on the wall represents an unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity and they are demanding its immediate removal. The letter cites multiple legal cases as reasoning for the removal.

The letter also says, “The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office serves all citizens regardless of belief or nonbelief. This message alienates the 24% of Americans who are non-religious.”

The organization has shared that it is considering legal action against the Sheriff for the verse display on the wall.

The Constitution states in the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” The verse on the wall is not establishing or prohibiting the practice of religion of anyone that may see it or live in Columbus County.

The United States was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation. Our founding fathers were open about their faith in God and their belief that only God could create and sustain a free nation. But groups like FFRF want to end any consideration of God in our government or society.

Not one thing about this sign is offensive to anyone, except those who want to destroy our nation, our history, and our freedom.

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One Comment

  1. We need to start telling degenerates like “Freedom from Religion Foundation” to go to hell. Your “concerns” about a Bible verse being on a Sheriff’s wall are so incredibly irrelevant… just like the “Freedom from Religion Foundation.” It’s just a group of lame narrow-minded busy-bodies who need to be in everybody else’s business. The entire group needs to be simply ignored and dismissed.

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