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If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, here’s what will happen

There have been a lot of suggestions that overturning Roe v Wade would absolutely destroy “women’s healthcare.” The radical left has fought to protect Roe v Wade, but this is probably the best chance of it being overturned since the landmark case was originally decided.

The radical left said that if Donald Trump continued to nominate justices to the Supreme Court that Roe would be overturned. Others argued that the law would stand. It does not appear that the Supreme Court will rule that abortion is illegal in all circumstances.

So what will happen based on the Supreme Court ruling? What is the most likely outcome?

If the court rules in favor of life, as many are hoping, abortion would still be legal in many states. Many states will start immediately working on legislation to protect abortion and protect life in their states. The states will be almost equally divided in their stance once that is completed.

In fact, it will place a lot more emphasis on state leadership positions than has been considered in the past. Many consider local elections to be meaningless, but this would immediately place a significant emphasis on the importance of state representatives and governor races.

Not only will state races become important, but congressional races in 2022 will immediately jump into the spotlight. As Republicans seek to take control of Congress in the midterms, Democrats will use this as an opportunity to attack Republicans for “destroying women’s healthcare.”

Democrats will be campaigning with renewed fervor and the mainstream media will be there to help them. It will be nonstop propaganda against Republicans and anyone who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, that is another place that Democrats will focus on. They will immediately start working to stack the Supreme Court. They did not wait until the case was over before they started mentioning stacking the court once again.

Rep. Adam Schiff said that they must convert the court from conservative to partisan. Others spoke out and Fox News shared some of their statements as they started using the hashtag #ExpandtheCourt.

Democrats will say they need the Senate majority to overrule the filibuster so they can stack the court without requiring Republicans to vote in support of a nominee. They have said they would do that very thing if they could, they just need the votes to do it. Based on how the election maps look, Democrats could pick up seats in the Senate in 2022.

Key races in Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia could potentially be won by Democrats. There are three other races in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that are considered tossups. It could easily give Democrats the majority they need.

So as we sit and wait for the decision from the Supreme Court, Democrats are already keying up their arguments and plan to combat the outcome. If they win, they will run on the need to protect women’s rights. If they lose, look for them to go nuclear.

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  1. I keep hearing liberals talking about “settled law”, “precedent setting” and my favorite “it’s in the Constitution”. So was the Dred Scott decision- you want that back too?

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