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Fauci doubles down on COVID vaccine immunity lie, refuses to tell the truth

Dr. Anthony Fauci, mastermind behind the COVID pandemic, continues to make his public comments regarding vaccines and “immunity.”

Appearing on CBS on Tuesday, Fauci said that “population immunity” can still be reached with the current COVID vaccines. He specifically changed the wording he was using from herd immunity to population immunity so it sounded like a new topic being discussed. But his divisive language went much further.

He said that there were still 50 million people eligible for a vaccine that have not been vaccinated and that these holdouts are responsible for the continued lingering of COVID. He said that others who have been vaccinated but are eligible for booster shots should obtain them as well.

This continues the lie that vaccines will actually stop this pandemic in its tracks. Fully vaccinated people all across the world are being infected with COVID as part of the Omicron wave. Athletes, politicians, and more are finding themselves infected with “breakthrough” cases and there appears to be no stopping COVID with simply taking a vaccine.

But that’s not what Fauci is telling. He is saying that through people taking a vaccine and through those who have recovered from the virus, we can reach a level where we can return to normal. Pardon me for seeming skeptical.

Healthcare experts outside of the White House are telling a different story. Some have said that breakthrough cases will be the new normal, proving that vaccines are really ineffective at preventing COVID. The numbers tell a similar story.

NBC News reports that there were over 1.8 million breakthrough cases from April through November, a number that looks like it will only rise. Massachusetts reported nearly 14,000 cases of COVID among vaccinated residents just last week. Other states are seeing similar results with thousands of breakthrough cases.

Fauci continues to stick to the radical script regarding the COVID vaccines. He continues to tell the same story, that we can reach immunity with a virus that continues to evolve and change.

Rather than continuing with the propaganda, perhaps Fauci should start telling the American people the truth.

Perhaps he should start telling Americans how he and his friends at NIH funded the research that created COVID. Perhaps he should tell Americans that he was already developing vaccines long before the pandemic and how he and his political friends are profiting majorly off them. Perhaps he should tell Americans that China is to blame, but only because he enabled and partnered with them.

Yes, Fauci should start telling the American people how he is guilty of treason, rather than continuing to push more baseless facts. Eventually, COVID will evolve to the point it is essentially nothing based on what we know about coronaviruses. That will have nothing to do with COVID vaccines.

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