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Elizabeth Warren says don’t call it court packing, call it court de-escalation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is once again running her mouth in an attempt to gain attention. The failed presidential candidate wrote a new op-ed for The Boston Globe where she argues to expand the Supreme Court. She argues that packing the court with new justices was the only way to “save” the court.

In her comments, Warren said that the court should be expanded by at least 4 seats. It’s the number that Democrats often argue is needed to overcome the made-up 6-3 majority they claim conservatives have. No one actually believes in a 6-3 conservative majority with the way Chief Justice John Roberts acts.

The comments regarding court-packing are not surprising. I have written multiple times that this was going to be expected following the Texas ruling. Democrats believe that the made-up constitutional right to an abortion is worth Supreme Court upheaval and radical politicization.

What is interesting is that Warren seems to have launched the test run of the Democrats latest definition game. You know, they seem to always use different words to redefine things in an attempt to find something that catches the attention of America. Once it does, they redefine it and run with it to continue and divide our nation.

Warren said that this was not court-packing. Instead, she said, “adding seats to the Supreme Court may be one of the few ways to de-escalate the arms race around the court.” Yes, stacking the court with a radical majority would be the only way to de-escalate tensions surrounding the court.

She continued, “if we stand by while the highest court in our land bows to special interests and destroys the long-acknowledged rights of individuals, we reward those who broke the rules in the first place, encouraging bad actors to further corrupt the court without any consequences.”

You have to pay close attention to what she says because there are two key things here. First, the statement where she says that this is a way to de-escalate the tensions surrounding the court. She expects that the left will be able to stack the court without any response from the Republicans or backlash in the public eye. She truly believes that Americans will accept this without any concern.

The second thing she says that you must see is that she said that the court was bowing to special interest and overturning “long-acknowledged rights.” There are a couple of points in this statement.

She never referred to abortion as a constitutional right. That’s really surprising given the radical left’s typical argument that abortion is protected in the Constitution, which it is not. But I am intrigued by the “special interest” portion as well.

Is Sen. Warren admitting that Democrats are politicizing the Supreme Court? Because that seems to be exactly what she is saying. She is trying to accuse the Republicans of putting justices on the court that are “political.” To say that Democrats are stacking the court to prevent this is actually admitting you are doing the same thing.

She accused Republicans of hijacking the court, so she determines that Democrats must in turn hijack the court themselves. But her justification is that this is “de-escalation.” She says that because it is de-escalation, it would not compromise the integrity of the court.

Way to speak out of both sides of your mouth, Pocahontas.

You cannot claim that putting justices on the court is hijacking the court and using it for political gain, then say it is not the same when you do it. Arguing to get your way simply to regain power, that is hijacking the court and packing the court.

Warren claims that her motive is de-escalation, but all the details she uses are in reference to control. She wants the ability to control your guns. She wants to control your body, to rewrite the Constitution, and eliminate your rights with a Supreme Court that will say she is entitled to do so.

Talk about being an absolute hypocrite.

If Warren gets her way, which has already been proposed in Congress, you better be ready. Democrats only need a few more seats in the Senate and they can essentially do what they want.

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