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California School Districts Get Rid Of ‘D’ And ‘F’ Grades

Multiple California school districts are dropping failing grades from their curriculum, instead opting for marks such as “incomplete,” Fox 5 San Diego reported.

Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Oakland Unified, Sacramento City Unified and other California districts will restrict the use of “D” and diminish “F” grades, Fox 5 San Diego reported. High schoolers who fail a test or assignment will get another chance to finish the work or get a higher grade.

Students who never complete their work or fail a final exam would receive an “incomplete,” which are components of the competency-based learning framework, according to EdSource. Those in favor of the grading style believe students should be assessed on their mastery of what they have learned, not how they do on a test.

“What mastery learning does is really allow students every opportunity to show that they know the material and if they don’t know the material, to get the support they need to be able to demonstrate it,” Steven Kellner with California Education Partners told Fox 5 San Diego.

Critics argue the new grading standards could lead to grade inflation and arbitrary practices that don’t represent student progress, Fox 5 San Diego reported. They believe bad grades serve as a signal that students haven’t adequately learned the material.

“One teacher takes homework assignments late, the other has extra credit, one curves scores on tests, so there is a clear and objective unfairness to students if they get one teacher versus another,” Alix Gallagher, with Policy Analysis for California Education, told Fox 5 San Diego.

“I will work with any student before or after school or even on the weekend to help them learn. However, I will never lie about their knowledge level,” Debora Rinehart, a math and science teacher at St. Theresa School, a Catholic institution in Oakland told EdSource. “Not reporting Ds and Fs is the equivalent of lying about a student’s progress.”

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  1. Why don’t they remove “B’s” too. It’s racist because the word”black” starts with a “B”. Why don’t they remove all grades. It’s racist! Give everybody a “P” for participation just like they do in sports today. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and make them feel inadequate. It may scar them for life. And the poor inmates in prison that have to deal with rejection from society. Maybe we should let them all out even though they have murdered, robbed, raped and burglarized innocent people that their loved ones have to deal with the loss of them every single day. This “woke” crap is ruining this nation. If people had their feelings hurt when I was growing up you just had to deal with it. How can you overcome adversity by eliminating it? It develops character! That’s why we have so little of it today. This woke culture wants those that work hard to get ahead in this life to give their money to lazy, incompetent losers who won’t work and want everything the hard worker has worked for for nothing. That my friends is communism! But it ends up every person having nothing and the government having everything. Those prospering are the politicians! Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

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