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Studies find Vaccinated at Higher Risk of Death, Young People Have Greater Risk From Vaccine than COVID

Two studies from overseas released this month contradict the mainstream narrative that the COVID-19 jabs are “safe and effective.”

A study from the Queen Mary University in London (QMUL) showed that the U.K.’s data is misclassifying individuals who die within 14 days of being jabbed as “unvaccinated” creating an anomaly. It concluded that it’s “massively exaggerated” to call the shots effective under World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) definitions, and people who submit to the experiment are an “increased mortality” risk.

The study used data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS). The abstract states:

“The risk/benefit of Covid vaccines is arguably most accurately measured by an all-cause mortality rate comparison of vaccinated against unvaccinated, since it not only avoids most confounders relating to case definition but also fulfills the WHO/CDC definition of ‘vaccine effectiveness’ for mortality. We examine the latest UK ONS vaccine mortality surveillance report which provides the necessary information to monitor this crucial comparison over time. At first glance the ONS data suggest that, in each of the older age groups, all-cause mortality is lower in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. Despite this apparent evidence to support vaccine effectiveness-at least for the older age groups-on closer inspection of this data, this conclusion is cast into doubt because of a range of fundamental inconsistencies and anomalies in the data. Whatever the explanations for the observed data, it is clear that it is both unreliable and misleading. While socio-demographical and behavioral differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated have been proposed as possible explanations, there is no evidence to support any of these. By Occam’s razor we believe the most likely explanations are systemic mis-categorization of deaths between the different categories of unvaccinated and vaccinated; delayed or non-reporting of vaccinations; systemic underestimation of the proportion of unvaccinated; and/or incorrect population selection for Covid deaths.”

Additionally, the Japan Institute of Pharmacovigilance published in its Med Check bulletin findings that show that those in their 20’s are at a 7 times greater risk of death by the shots than they are from COVID-19. It found the death rate, based on reports from people between 20 and 29 who died after the jab, is 3.2 per million compared to 0.6-0.8 per million from the virus. Extended out over years, it found that the death rate could reach 40 times higher than the virus.

Japan has only reported 10 deaths of those in their 20’s from the virus as of August, and the first death of anyone under 20 happened in September.

Med Check states: “Even if children and adolescents and people in their 20s are infected, it is naturally mild or asymptomatic because they have less SARS-CoV-2 receptor ACE2 than adults especially old people. It is a ridiculous to consider vaccination for school children.”

Raymond Wolfe, for Life Site News, wrote: “The bulletin noted that the number of deaths may be higher, in part because the Japanese government only requires reports of suspected vaccine injuries within 28 days of injection.”

Wolfe noted that children are at a 0.00 to 0.03 risk of death from COVID-19 based on American data, and the survival rate for all age groups under 60 is 99.7%

As for the QMUL study, the lead author Dr. Norman Fenton was interviewed on the findings.

Fenton said the only objective way to measure the effectiveness of the jabs is to do a risk-benefit analysis on all-cause mortality.

“So, in crude terms, if the virus is as dangerous as claimed and the vaccine is as effective as claimed, then we should by now have data confirming that the vaccines are saving a lot more lives than they’re killing,” Fenton said who added that “there really is no reliable evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality” when considering the “most obvious explanation” for the “many inconsistencies and anomalies” in the ONS data.

Fenton said: “In fact, if you take account of the fact that newly vaccinated people who die, are likely being misclassified as unvaccinated, because that’s the most likely explanation for the strange things in the data, then you get to the conclusion that the vaccines don’t seem to reduce the all-cause mortality, but rather produce a genuine spike in all-cause mortality shortly after vaccination.”

American data from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) shows 946,463 adverse events reported and 19,886 deaths after the jabs.

One recent VAERS report, which Life Site News reported, was of a newborn baby whose mother was jabbed. The VAERS report states: “The doctor said that after the patient was born, there was a cry. When the umbilical cord was cut for newborn care, the nursing staff found that the patient had symptoms of oral and nose bleeding, and immediately asked the pediatrician to intubate and give him oxygen, and he was admitted to the NICU. In the NICU, his result of examination showed abnormal blood coagulation, pulmonary hemorrhage [acute bleeding from the lungs], and cardiac dysfunction.”

Life Site News details several VAERS reports submitted on children dying from the shot as well as a toddler whose report was scrubbed by the system.

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