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Best Tools for Social Media Marketing in 2022 for Success

There are plenty of ways to grow your business. With digital disruption, you can think of running any business and establishing it without waiting for the next moment. When it comes to running a business, most people only focus on starting a website or a blog. But the fact is that most of them put away a huge potential hidden in social media marketing.

As you may know, people are obsessed with different types of social media networks. Some of the best ones include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But using it for expanding your friend’s circle and entertainment is not the right approach.

Make sure to integrate a social media marketing strategy into your plan to gain more traction and reach an audience at a bigger level. However, if you are just gearing up to compete in the digital world, you must have an internet connection without any data caps, high-speed downloads, and optimal customer support. If all of that seems daunting, you can check spectrum internet español offering everything you need to run your agency.

After having a stable connection, you are now set to run your online business without interruption. Let’s take a look at some of the tools for social media marketing, every social media marketer needs to have.


Buffer is one of the top tools used by social media managers and marketers to automate their tasks. Whether you want to schedule a post on Twitter or share a new offer on Facebook, Buffer will allow you to do without missing the time. You can even install a chrome extension and add articles from the web with just a few clicks.

No matter, what post you are sharing, make it short and attractive right from Buffer. The tool also allows you to upload videos and photos in the blink of any eye and also helps you access analytics to track your performance. Moreover, you can also keep in contact with your audience by replying to their comments right from Buffer.


When it comes to running an online business, you need to spend much of your time on research and analysis. It all becomes difficult when you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. One of the best tools both content creators and social media marketers use is BuzzSumo. The tool helps you analyze what’s being shared and recognized on different social media platforms. Analyze what’s being shared against a specific keyword and utilize it in your content and social media campaigns.

BuzzSumo is a helpful tool to boost your marketing strategy without taking the pain. If you want to explore who are the influencers in your niche, BuzzSumo helps you explore it with just a few clicks. Moreover, from a single dashboard, you can also track trends and comments so that you can respond quickly.


MeetEdgar is also one of the best social media marketing tools for social media marketers. If you want to keep your audience engaged through fresh content, MeetEdgar allows you to do so without banging your head. After analyzing your evergreen content, you can share and schedule your post on MeetEdgar and keep your audience interacting with it.

Edgar Lite costs only $19 per month allowing you to manage 3 social accounts, 4 content categories, and 10 weekly automation. While other plans which are suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs cost only $49 per month with more features. Some of them include 1000 weekly automation, 25 social accounts, and unlimited customizable content categories.


AdEspresso is a social media advertising tool that can make complex things look easy. If you have ever used A/B testing on your website, then AdEspresso does the same thing with social media ads you run. The tool allows you to take deep dive into different social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

You can create and manage ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads and see what’s working. AdEspresso makes it easy to create ads with a customizable dashboard and view important metrics all in one place.

Summing Up

In this digital world, no one wants to take extra pain when everything is accessible through simple tools. Utilize these tools in your social media marketing campaigns, analyze the metrics, and be ahead of your competitors.

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