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Alexandra Lozano And Her Fight Against Human Trafficking

Alexandra Lozano is skilled at utilizing social media to build her business. She is on a mission that extends beyond gaining likes and followers. She uses it to reach potential clients for her law firm, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law.

Abogada Alexandra, a professional lawyer, is interested in more than just reaching potential clients, however. She works tirelessly to fight against human trafficking and has been doing so since 2008.

Unsatisfied with her initial foray into the world of law, Abogada Alexandra looked for something that would help her contribute to a more significant cause. She realized her passion was more specifically in helping solve immigration issues. This drive is what helped her establish her practice.

How Alexandra Lozano Helps The Latino Community

With a background familiar with immigration, Lozano dedicates her life to helping the Latino community in the United States. The Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm assists people with their deportation cases and helps them gain legal status in the United States.

The Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm team consists of people passionate about fighting for the rights of the Latino community in the United States, striving to keep families together and ease the stress associated with immigration. They have received testimonies from the families explaining how grateful they are.

Abogada Alexandra works almost exclusively with the Latino community. She is a zealous advocate for their rights and aims to make every individual feel immensely valued by her and her team. Abogada Alexandra recognizes that many of these undocumented people face challenges such as financial hardships and low levels of education.

How Does Alexandra Lozano Use Social Media To Fight Against Human Trafficking?

Abogada Alexandra is an excellent example of how someone can use social media to build their business. She has marketed her law firm using YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She saw a significant gap on social media for practicing lawyers, helping her first TikTok video go viral.

With over 126,000 followers on TikTok and an active Instagram following, Abogada Alexandra can use social media to reach the people who need it the most. Being fluent in Spanish, she offers advice on commonly asked questions regarding immigration and aims to connect with her audience.

Tik Tok offers a new way for people to access legal information. Its casual and friendly approach can be more accessible to potential clients, who may be intimidated about contacting a lawyer to assist them.

Alexandra Lozano is determined to deliver content on social media that is high quality and can benefit the people she is trying to reach. All content is produced in Spanish, as she knows that many of her clients have limited English. Abogada Alexandra frequently responds to viewers’ questions and concerns.

Human Trafficking In The United States

Alexandra Lozano is determined to use her social media following to assist those that need it, such as victims of human trafficking. Lozano utilizes what’s known as the T Visa, helping survivors of human trafficking located in the United States. She has won many cases for human trafficking survivors.

Statistics report that 50,000 people are trafficked into the US every year. The T Visa has been created to allow these victims to stay up to four years temporarily, with the possibility of gaining permanent resident status thereafter. It also allows family members of the applicant to come to the US legally.

Lozano’s video posts are kept short and simple. They have contact information so that people can make further inquiries. It is also easy for viewers to interact with her online, meaning they don’t have to walk into an office for an initial consultation. Lozano is recognized for her cheerful and approachable presence on her social media accounts.

How Does Alexandra Lozano Help Other Lawyers?

Abogada Alexandra assists other lawyers in improving their understanding of immigration law, hoping it will help tackle the issues surrounding human trafficking. Lozano wants to share this knowledge with others in her field, so their collective reach can be more significant.

Lozano has released a book dedicated solely to explaining the T Visa. It is written to assist other immigration lawyers in helping their clients, who may be victims of human trafficking. According to Lozano, many victims don’t even realize they have been trafficked and are unaware of what legal processes may be available.

VAWA  – the Violence Against Women Act is another subject that Abogada Alexandra feels is greatly important. She is passionate about increasing the knowledge and understanding surrounding it. Lozano wants to assist her colleagues with this and believes it is one of the best ways to help undocumented people in the US.

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