Waukesha What Ifs: Six Hypothetical Questions Regarding The Christmas Parade Murders

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In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six hypothetical questions that need to be asked relating to last week’s tragic slaughter at the Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

#6: How would this story be covered by the media if the races of the driver and the crowd were reversed?

Parker: This question has such as obvious answer that it feels stupid to ask. At a different emotional level it is also frustrating, because truth and impartiality no longer exist in so many of our cultural institutions. We shouldn’t have to write a piece about hypotheticals. Should the race of the driver matter at all? The race of the crowd? We should intuitively and instinctively be repulsed by what happened; a heinous act of violence was carried out in the midst of a joyous celebration of life and community. Instead, far too many people are ambivalent and disinterested because the backgrounds don’t align with their programmed worldview.

Let’s put it this way: If a white male, with a history of making openly anti-black, racially-incendiary statements and repeated acts of physical violence, had intentionally careened into a Juneteenth parade of black elders and young people, it is fair to say that the George Floyd Riots of 2020 would look like a child smacking a pinata in comparison to the reaction to such violence. I shudder at the thought of how the most malicious and terroristic factions of society would likely commit unthinkable crimes against purposefully white victims in open retaliation.

Tell me I’m wrong.

#5: What if the leftist approach of being soft on crime had not been taken in Waukesha?

PF: That disparity in how different races are treated, as you mention in #6, has many repercussions, and part of the domino effect is what we’ve seen with the shift in attitudes towards crime. President Biden’s one successful piece of legislation during his century or so in the Senate was the 1994 Crime Bill. It was tough on crime, enhancing penalties for violent crimes, and it was very successful. In the 27 years since that bill was passed, there have been erroneous claims that it caused the mass incarceration of black men, and Biden has fallen for this notion. As a result, Biden and most other Democrats have bad-mouthed the bill, promising to correct the ‘inequities’ it caused. Unfortunately, tragedies like we saw in Waukesha is what we get as a result.

The man suspected of committing this crime, Russell Brooks, should never have been behind the wheel of that vehicle because he should have been behind bars. Earlier this month, Brooks had allegedly run over the mother of his child with that same vehicle. He was arrested and then released back into society on only $1,000 bail. Running someone over with your car is, among other things, attempted murder, and the idea that Brooks would only have to pay a grand to be back on the street is outrageous. His bail should have been set at one hundred times that amount.

Additionally, we could argue that Brooks never should have been on the street to run over that woman a few weeks ago. Russell Brooks has been convicted of no less than six violent crimes. He doesn’t belong on the street. He should not be in society. He should have been in prison, and if he had been, we would not have had this terrible tragedy. Prosecutor John Chisolm, along with every other official who has been pushing for the lax treatment of violent criminals, has blood on their hands. Those victims in Waukesha would be living life as normal today if it wasn’t for this ‘progressive’ tactic of dealing with crime in the name of racial equity.

#4: Would this murderous rampage have happened if not for the media’s and ruling elite’s playing with fire and gasoline in their response to the Kyle Rittenhouse not-guilty verdicts?

Parker: Based on the media’s general silence, or outright misleading claims that the driver was escaping from an earlier crime (since debunked by the police chief), there is an overt attempt to rewrite this story. I will make it simple for them. The driver has a history of racial hatred toward whites, along with sundry other criminal behaviors, and the Rittenhouse verdict – which occurred just an hour away from this thug – was the final straw. I am prepared to retract this statement when later facts come out, but all signs point toward an obvious motive.

The reactions by leftwing idiots, miscreants, and hate-mongers on Friday (to the Rittenhouse verdict) cannot be understated. After weeks of all of the evidence coming to light, as well as testimony from eyewitnesses and participants in the events of August 25th, there could be no mistaking that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. If that was not self-defense, then the concept has no meaning. Nevertheless, when the outcome was correctly asserted, gaslighting monsters and useful idiots the world over shrieked that the American justice system favors whiteness and that white supremacy rules the day. They never connect the dots exactly, but their words are enough to inflame driftless losers like Darrell Brooks. Was he inspired by those endless remarks or was it mere coincidence that he plowed through a quintessential community celebration?

I am going to go on a tangent, or maybe I am just hoping no one could be this depraved while sober, but I am curious as to the toxicology reports – if the police got to him in time. Being stoned, high, tripping, drunk, or whatever else people like Brooks engage in does not excuse in the least. That being said, altered minds are more receptive to acting upon some pretty dark motives. Would I feel better if I knew his mind was warped rather than being stone-cold sober and out for blood? I don’t know.

#3: What if the mainstream media treated Darrell Brooks like a member of the Proud Boys instead of BLM?

PF: In item #6, you mention the racial aspect of this case, but we also have the political aspect. Russell Brooks is not only a black man, he’s aligned with the political leanings of left. It’s unclear whether Brooks had participated in any Black Lives Matter official activities, but he certainly has said all the right things to align with BLM. He wrote a song called Gon Kill U, which included these charming lyrics, “police be tripping,” and “f-k the pigs.” And another song he wrote included, “This that f-k Donald Trump flow and whoever hate it.” Russel Brooks’ ideology checks all the right boxes for any self-respecting leftist.

The media is doing everything they can to stay away from Brooks’ politics because it flies right in the face of their storyline. White supremacist groups and groups like the Proud Boys are the problem… not the nice, enlightened folks like their mostly peaceful protesters from BLM/Antifa. But there’s no doubt how these killings would have been handled if Brooks had been a Proud Boy.

There would have been calls for a federal investigation and the shutting down of the group. There would be the obligatory associations back to Donald Trump. We would have seen mass hysteria with the promise that other such perpetrators were lurking around every corner just waiting to pounce on members of the left’s victimhood groups. And, most importantly, we would hear calls to give Democrats more power to shut down such groups in order to make us all safer. It’s all so predictable.

#2: What if we could be honest about failed cultures and mindsets?

Parker: Thomas Sowell wrote in his 2006 book Black Rednecks and White Liberals that contemporary urban black culture was a moral wasteland. It should be noted that this observation has nothing to do with race per se, although this urban culture is tightly intertwined with a racial identity nowadays; it is that the legacy of white Southern redneck culture – via Scotland from centuries before – lives on only through them.

Candace Owens is one of the more prominent and vocal speakers today who uses her platform on social media and live show with the Daily Wire to repeatedly call out the failures of modern black culture. As just one example, when several black musical artists rose on the charts with songs repeating slogans about the current president and were subsequently removed from streaming services, she correctly observed that this was another case of elites wanting to keep black people on the Democrat Plantation. Rappers can glorify domestic abuse, gang affiliation, drug usage, and illegal gun ownership, but when it comes to holding contrary opinions of Democrats suddenly they need to be censored?

I know we are addressing the events of Waukesha, but this is all related, so hear me out on another tangent. Reports over the weekend surfaced that major looting gangs (nearly all were young black men) hit stores in various California cities. These animals aren’t starving, because they didn’t steal from grocery stores. Instead, these thugs stole from jewelry stores and high-end retail outlets like Nordstrom. One might think they were acting white by going to Nordstrom, but what do I know? There has hardly been any mainstream press on this, and even less commentary on the correlation between abdicating the rule of law and telling black Americans they are always victims with encouraging immoral and destructive behavior. Back to Waukesha.

What if we could all be honest that not every culture is made the same? Current urban black culture is inferior to what I will call traditional American culture (which values such things as family, morality, self-reliance, hard work, etc. – note that none of these things are inherently white). When wanton theft and brazen violence define a culture, it is worth asking why we continue to 1) ignore it and 2) pretend it’s just as worthy. If anything, it is insulting to millions of blacks who have likewise ridden themselves of such filth. Had Darryl Brooks eschewed this culture of victim mentality and valued all human life, it seems safe to say the unthinkable tragedy in Wisconsin could have been avoided.

#1: What if the parade had been celebrating Ramadan instead of Christmas?

PF: I’ll admit that I could be wrong – it wouldn’t be the first time – but I’m unaware of any coverage of the tragedy by a major news outlet focusing on the issue of religion. Brooks committed these acts, allegedly, at a Christmas parade, which is, after all, a Christian holiday. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and while it has taken on many secular elements over the years, and is embraced by many non-believers, Christmas is still a religious celebration, first and foremost.

We don’t know why Darrell Brooks’ decided to mow down dozens of people last week. Was it anti-white racism? Was it retaliation for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict? Was it anti-Christian hatred? It’s possible that it could have been a combination of all three, and perhaps even other factors we haven’t discussed. But there is one thing of which we can be certain: if the same situation had occurred at an Islamic function or gathering, if several Muslims had been run down while celebrating their faith, the coverage of that tragedy would have been laser focused on the religious aspect, with the term “Islamophobia” ringing in our ears nonstop.

The religion of the assailant would be irrelevant, and I daresay it would be the same for his/her race. The narrative would be that white supremacy was to blame, because that’s the narrative they’re trying so hard to peddle. White supremacy is an existential threat, and one of which everyone should be terrified. Pay no attention to reality, believe the story we’re trying to sell you.

I make this point not to disparage our Muslim friends. There are certain Muslim leaders who have latched onto the woke left’s coalition of victimhood: aka “intersectionality.” White, straight Judeo-Christians are their enemy, and everyone else is an ally. Not all Muslims are to blame, obviously, but this double standard is reality. In modern America it’s perfectly fine to mock, criticize, and even attack Christians. And when something like this happens, the response is essentially, “Aw shucks.” But when tragedy befalls the Muslim community, it’s an opportunity. It’s the left’s chance to exploit that victimhood and hype their storyline that white Christians are the boogieman.

Featured photo is a screengrab from CBS News.

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