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Vaccine for kids yet to be fully approved, but Biden regime is already shipping it out

Just a few days ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a recommendation that children ages 5-11 be eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID vaccine. It must wait for CDC approval before being released to the public, but that is not stopping the Biden regime.

According to an AP report, the White House has already authorized and approved shipments of the vaccine out to locations for administration. Apparently, the White House has already obtained enough doses to vaccinate all 28 million children in his age range.

When the FDA heard arguments regarding the vaccine, the determination was that there was no way to guarantee that the vaccine would be safe for the kids. They still pushed to approve it with multiple reports of adverse reactions and concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

With the FDA’s statements regarding safety and the fact that the vaccine has yet to be fully approved, one has to question the coordinated effort of the government for the vaccines. A large portion of Americans are still skeptical of the vaccines and have refused to take them.

Americans are concerned about the well-being of their kids. Parents have been active at school board meetings over mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and teaching that involves critical race theory. It has led to many Democrats saying that parents should not be involved in their child’s education.

It seems that they also agree that parents should not be involved in their child’s healthcare. Especially with the recent reports that a minor was given a COVID vaccine without a parent’s approval.

Americans are obviously concerned that Democrats may attempt to force vaccination on kids across the country through schools without parental consent. Many states have issued mandates for teachers and workers while many colleges have required the vaccine.

While no COVID vaccine mandates for children are currently on record, vaccine mandates for children to attend school should be expected.

Recent polls show that Democrats are struggling with Americans and the issues that they are concerned about.

Rather than being at home to address those concerns, President Joe Biden is in Europe discussing climate change and a minimum tax on businesses.

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