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Twitter Users Slam Article Claiming White Women ‘Killing America’


Twitter users criticized an article by Wajahat Ali Monday which argued white women are “killing America” by voting for Republicans.

“The cult of Karen will always turn on people of color on a dime to uphold oppressive systems that ensure they remain influential and powerful handmaidens of white,” Ali claims.

The article focused first on the gubernatorial race in Virginia, in which both candidates were white.

Among white, female voters in the Virgina gubernatorial race, 75%  chose Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, who campaigned on education and against critical race theory. Ali compared Youngkin’s critical race theory messaging to the Southern Strategy, falsely claiming CRT is not taught in schools.

“Meet the mansplainer,” commented Christina Sommers, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

“Step 1: Find a demographic that split 60-40 for the party you don’t like in a particular election … Step 2: Call that entire demographic evil … How long will America put up with this genre of punditry?” Noah Smith asked.

“There’s a certain sort of pundit who will always blame voters instead of candidates. Today is their Christmas,” Katie Herzog, host of the podcast Blocked and Reported, added.

“Does this count as sexism by the standards of the day. I mean I know it’s literally misogyny, but I mean the political standards by which things are declared racist or sexist in 2021?” Tim Carney, a columnist at The Washington Examiner, posted.

“Absolutely right. Keep plowing forward with this message. Don’t stop,” conservative editor and writer Bethany Mandel commented.

Youngkin defeated former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday’s election, saying “we’re going to restore excellence in our schools.”

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