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The Rittenhouse trial could destroy the social revolution of the radical left

A lot of eyes are focused on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha. Rittenhouse was 17 at the time of the shooting in Kenosha, where he is on trial for murder. Rittenhouse has maintained, and all evidence seems to indicate, that he acted in self-defense.

The radical left seized the opportunity to make an example of Rittenhouse. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) said that the situation was an example of white supremacy. Twitter ultimately blocked his attorneys and attempted to silence anything other than the political agenda that the mainstream media and radical left wanted to push.

As the trial has continued, there are several key things that have become very clear. Some of the items revolve around the case, but others revolve around the radical left.

First, Rittenhouse, even though he is 18 years old now, is still very much a kid. Rittenhouse struggled to control his emotions and broke down and cried during his testimony.

Not that crying establishes anything about your actions, maturity, or anything of that nature, but it was clear with how it unfolded that Rittenhouse clearly struggles with what happened. He is still struggling with the emotional maturity to understand his decision and his actions that day.

The second thing that has become obviously clear is that all the evidence clearly indicates this is self-defense. This is really nothing new based on the information that was available from attorneys prior to the trial and in the mainstream media video accounts. Rittenhouse was 17 running from a convicted sex offender more than twice his age. He was scared and feared for his life.

The case should have never been brought against Rittenhouse, at least not at the level it was. Some may make the argument that Rittenhouse took a life and deserves to be punished, but there is no evidence to indicate that Rittenhouse acted in an attempt to murder anyone.

The third thing that has become clear is that the prosecution did not do any work ahead of the case to prove a crime was committed. Their case was completely unraveled with testimony and the actions of the prosecutor. On two separate occasions, the judge scolded the prosecutor’s actions.


The actions of the prosecution immediately led to the request to dismiss the case by the defense. This is exactly what should happen and a dismissal with prejudice, as was requested, would mean that Rittenhouse could never be charged again.

While all the details surrounding the case seem like it should be an easy dismissal, I have my concerns. The radical left wants to use Rittenhouse as a means to advance their agenda. They used the situation to rail against former President Trump and conservatives in general.

The radical left argued for their elimination from social media for spreading fake news about Rittenhouse and the shooting. They pushed for continued riots, or “peaceful protests” as they call them. They argued for defunding the police and massive changes in American society based on the events.

If Rittenhouse is found not guilty, it could absolutely destroy the radical left’s case for their desired social revolution. They used this case as a platform and without the platform their arguments are pointless. But it plays a vital role in the bigger picture.

Combine this case with the continued lack of findings in the January 6 witch hunt and you have a strong argument for another four years of Donald Trump. There is little that could be said, aside from citing a few “mean tweets,” to prove that Donald Trump was not falsely accused and removed from office.

You won’t hear that from the mainstream propaganda units, however. If the case is dismissed, they will continue the narrative of the radical left. But the truth will be out there, if the American people are willing to see it.

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  1. The only things that could destroy the communist scum in America would be a Neo-McCarthy roundup followed by a Gulag Aleutian Archepelago internment for “re-education and labor”.

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