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The replacement for Kamala Harris that no one is talking about

As I suggested yesterday, I believe that there are some surprising changes on the way to the DOJ. I believe that Merrick Garland is on his way out, and based on recent reports of the rift building in the White House, I do believe that Kamala Harris could be on her way to the DOJ.

It would be a transition that could be sold to the American people via mainstream media propaganda outlets and be acceptable. Kamala has been billed as a savior of various scenarios, each of which she has failed miserably. She has experience as a DOJ and it would be something that they could try to sell that she is “saving” the DOJ from its controversy.

In a recent segment on Fox News, some discussion was made around a cryptic email that Congress was being prepared for potentially confirming a new Vice President. It seems that everything is falling in place for a new Vice President for Joe Biden that can try to save him from the incoming red wave that seems evident.

Several names were mentioned as potential replacements as part of the segment, but who would realistically replace Kamala Harris? The line of succession would not apply and Democrats could put anyone into this role in theory. It would have to be someone that the party could unite behind knowing that Biden will never survive another term in office if he survives this one. Here are a few of the names they mentioned, a few that will earn consideration, but one specific name that may be a surprising replacement.

Gavin Newsom

One name mentioned as part of the Fox News segment was Gavin Newsom, the governor of California. He recently survived a recall election and it seems to have bolstered his actions in California. He is well-spoken and well-liked among the radical left. There’s just one problem: he’s another White man and that will certainly not work for the radical left.

Stacy Abrams

This one seems a little more likely due to the fact that Abrams is a Black female that could replace Harris. Abrams was apparently under consideration as part of the initial VP vetting process, but Harris was ultimately chosen. Abrams has been praised by the radical left for her work in Georgia, giving her credit for “delivering the Senate” to them in 2020.

Bernie Sanders

Another name suggested was Bernie Sanders. Sanders seems a very likely candidate behind Harris given that he is a progressive radical. Under the 25th Amendment, the nomination requires approval through a majority vote in Congress. He would easily pass the House while Democrats maintain the majority, but the Senate could be an issue where the chamber is split 50-50. I do not see any Republicans voting for Bernie Sanders, even the “bipartisan” ones. I also see this as a challenge for Kamala Harris given her significant criticism of Sanders in the primary.

Hillary Clinton

Has anyone else noticed how Hillary has been back in the news more recently? Almost as if the mainstream media propaganda machine and the establishment want her to be seen and more visible. Clinton would easily fit into the role of Vice President given her history and the fact she is a woman. She is progressive enough, without being too over the top. She would most likely secure the vote of a Republican in the Senate to win confirmation, after all, she is a Clinton.

Pete Buttigieg

Fresh off his multi-month paternity leave, Pete Buttigieg could find himself in line to be considered for Vice President. He is again a well-spoken radical leader that is very progressive to help support the agenda. Openly homosexual, Buttigieg would win the special interest vote for Biden but would alienate a large percentage of moderate Democrats who do not support homosexuality. While possible, it seems unlikely.

The Wild Card

While any of these are possible candidates to replace Kamala, I believe there is one wild-card that is still out there that many may not be considering. One that falls into a special category and may not have all the attention. One that could find themselves taking a similar track to that of former President Barack Obama.

That would be Sen. Raphael Warnock from Georgia. Warnock won the special races in Georgia even amid the controversy that he made for prior statements. In fact, that works in the Democrats favor as Warnock may not have many more skeletons in the closet that they need to cover. He’s a well-spoken Democrat, wildly radical, and the mainstream propaganda machine could spin his story to appeal to the faith community because he is a reverend.

Warnock won a special election in 2020, but that term is only until the 2022 election. Democrats are expected to face an uphill battle to retain control of the House and Senate based on their agenda so far and the 2021 elections. Warnock is a Black man that could appeal to the base, fulfill their minority requirement, and come out of nowhere just like Obama to help the party.

He ranks among some of the more popular Democrats in recent polls and has attempted to keep a low profile since taking office at the beginning of the year. The similarities between where he is and where former President Barack Obama are strikingly similar.

The vote in the Senate is a simple majority vote, to which Kamala Harris could pass the deciding vote. Harris would say it is her duty to pass the nomination along without any hesitation. Many will argue that this places Gov. Brian Kemp in line to name the successor and Democrats would not want that. That is, unless Democrats time the replacement just right to force it to the 2022 election.

Which seems like a great plan for them overall. To do so would not only make the GA Senate race about control, it would place Brian Kemp’s reelection in the spotlight. Democrats are going to target Georgia in the 2022 races like they never have before.

While there are many other names that could be placed on the list, these seem some of the most likely. While many Democrats would love to bring back Barack Obama, could a Raphael Warnock be an acceptable replacement?

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  1. Another might be Michelle Obama! Favored by Democrats, black and Democrats would like that she had the back up of President Obama. This might be the real wild card!!

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