Pfizer Drug Trial Faked Data, According to British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal, or The BMJ, released a report that suggests there is damning evidence that Pfizer’s clinical trials were poorly managed and data was falsified, according to a whistleblower, while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) apparently turned a blind eye and ignored concerns addressed to them.

The report was released on Tuesday, the same day the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved an emergency use authorization (EUA) to use the Pfizer jab on kids. Stories like this suggest the pharmaceutical companies, FDA and CDC are more concerned with protecting a cash cow than they are concerned with the health of Americans as The Defender recently reported on the record profits Pfizer is projected to make from the COVID-19 jabs.

As for The BMJ, it was provided audio recordings, emails, internal memos and photos from a former regional director, Brook Jackson, at Ventavia Research Group, where Pfizer trials were being held in Texas in the fall of 2020. As the report states, “speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety.”

The allegations, according to the report, are that Ventavia “falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems … Jackson emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day.”

Jackson told The BMJ that in her 20-year career, she’s never been fired from a job.

In a recording, The BMJ states, a Ventavia executive admits to the problems alleged by Jacks and “we know that it’s significant,” the exec says.

When Jackson emailed the FDA, some of the concerns she addressed were “participants placed in a hallway after injection and not being monitored by clinical staff, lack of timely follow-up of patients who experienced adverse events, protocol deviations not being reported, vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures, mislabeled laboratory specimens, and targeting of Ventavia staff for reporting these types of problems.”

Another Ventavia employee, Jill Fisher, spoke to The BMJ and said the FDA “rarely does anything” to oversee trials, but she was surprised nothing happened in this case. She said: “You would think if there’s a specific and credible complaint that they would have to investigate that.”

The BMJ states that a Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General report from 2007 showed the FDA only inspected 1% of clinical trial sites between 2000 and 2005, and it’s only gotten worse since then.

Jackson said the FDA emailed her “thanking her for her concerns and notifying her that the FDA could not comment on any investigation that might result,” and it made one call to her a few days later with little information provided.

When the FDA approved the EUA in December, Jackson’s concerns were not included in Pfizer’s application nor discussed by the FDA.

Meanwhile, the unlawful vax mandates continue to be pushed, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released guidance on how employers should enforce them which could make any already fragile supply chain even worse.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) tweeted: “If Biden’s OSHA & Fed contractor vax mandates are strictly applied to truckers, there will be a supply chain disaster. 37% of truckers say they’ll quit, retire, or switch jobs if the mandate hits them. Some can switch to smaller companies, but if 5% quit or retire, it’ll be BAD!”

OSHA has already made rule changes back in May to eliminate the recording requirements of injuries caused by the jabs. Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote that “by not enforcing this recording requirement for COVID jab injuries, OSHA is intentionally covering up the ramifications these vaccine mandates might have on employees’ health. Meanwhile, employers are still required to record and report COVID-19 infections and COVID-19 deaths among their employees.”

The federal government is already preparing to compensate federal employees injured by the shots, but corporations have negotiated with OSHA to benefit themselves over their employees

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