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Joseph Biden – AKA President Gremlin

The Blue State Conservative

I’ve been telling everyone I know that Joe Biden is the dumbest chief executive to ever occupy the office.  I thought that was obvious, but I’ve gotten an amazing amount of pushback from other writers, friends, and even complete strangers.  It seems that there’s a widely held opinion by many, that everything Joe has done to America has been by design.  Joe’s performance has been quite competent if you look at it from his perspective.  He’s a mastermind transforming America into the left’s vision of a socialist utopia.  I can’t tell you how hard it was to type “Biden” and “mastermind” in the same sentence…while laughing hysterically.  But that’s what a surprising number of people think, so let’s look at the evidence.

First to clarify my position – I’m not saying that Joe is an idiot for pursuing stupid objectives.  Even though his objective to transform America is nuts, that’s not what I’m getting at.  I don’t deny that he and his fellow leftist travelers are quite happy to hurt America.  However, he’s doing it in such an idiotic fashion that he’s not only hurting America, he’s also undermining his own mission.  His odds of remaking America are going down every day.  One has to be really low on the bell-shaped curve to do things as badly as he has.

For example, take Biden’s objective to erase Donald Trump from the body politic.  To the cheers and adoration of the left, He set about on day one to reverse everything that Trump did.  Now we’re faced with an invasion on our Sothern border.  I’m sure Joe’s supporters are fine with flooding the country with illegal aliens, but the manner in which it was done came with a bunch of unintended (though entirely foreseeable) consequences which are not helping their cause.  The border crisis got so bad, so fast, that now the administration is playing three-card Monty with the illegals – moving them from place to place in an attempt to hide them.  President Asterisk’s idea of competently managing the invasion is to fill busses with illegals, and drop them off on unsuspecting communities in the middle of the night.  I’m sure he’ll be improving his political fortunes with that stroke of genius.

But last week President Brandon came up with an idea that was so asinine, it even surprised me.  He wants to pay reparations to illegal aliens for the trauma they suffered while breaking our laws.  His plan is to pay each illegal who suffered family separation $450K for their trouble.  Unless his objective was to hand elections to the Republicans, this was not a particularly bright move.  Can you say, “Republican rallying cry”?  Campaign commercials are probably being written right now.

We can’t talk about Biden competency without bringing up the Afghanistan withdrawal.   We all wanted out of Afghanistan, and the Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to redirect that money to social engineering projects.  But in the process of doing so, Joe:

  • Armed terrorists with $80B worth of advanced military equipment
  • Undermined our international relationships
  • Left and untold number of Americans behind as hostages

That is truly a Biden level of mismanagement.  The withdrawal was done so badly that even the propaganda ministry couldn’t put a positive spin on it.  Was it part of Joe’s master plan to put his approval numbers in freefall – as we enter into the midterm election season?

Lunch-bucket Joe also had a plan (past tense intended) to fundamentally transform America by spending an obscene amount of money on leftist causes.  In fact, he wanted to spend something in the range of 5 trillion dollars.  The Democrats cleverly separated that money into two pieces – a smaller piece for infrastructure and a giant piece for Joe’s “Built Back Better” program.  They then snookered the Vichy Republicans into supporting the infrastructure bill by letting them think that they had negotiated the bill down from the initial 5 trillion dollars.  However, the Dems were planning to get the rest of the money later, through reconciliation, but that was supposed to be a secret.

But then Joe got involved and everything fell apart.  He called a Rose Garden press briefing and announced that the Dems had successfully coned the Republicans, and were going to get all of their money in the end.   That made the Republicans mad, before the bill had even been passed – smart.  But he didn’t stop there.  He promised the moderates in his own party that the infrastructure bill would be voted on before the reconciliation bill was brought to the floor.  Then clever Joe signaled to the radicals in his party that the infrastructure and reconciliation bills would be linked and the reconciliation bill would get a vote first.  And just like that, Joe triggered a civil war in his own party.  So now the moderate Democrats are fighting with the radical Democrats, and the Republicans are fighting with both of them.  At this point, there is a chance that neither bill will pass.  That’s some master plan.

The left has always wanted to impose autocratic control over what Americans are allowed to say and think.  The 1st Amendment is an obstacle on the road to socialism.  The left is an “ends justifies the means” crowd, so they’ve never been bashful about using the power of the state to crush political dissent.  President Asterisk was fully on board with that.  What could go wrong?  Being a shrewd operator, Joe understood that if you’re going to crush everyone’s civil liberties, it’s best to start with a group for whom nobody has any sympathy.  He unleashed the awesome power of the DoJ on parents concerned about the welfare of their children. How has that worked out for him?  Terry McAuliffe was unavailable for comment.

The reality is that Joe’s level of expertise reveals the flaw in the socialist objective.  The left has always told us that past experiments in socialism have only failed because it wasn’t done right.  They assert that it would work just fine if we put smart people in charge and let them run everything.  And then they gave us Joe Biden, as the supposed smart person that would make it all possible.  Don’t forget what they told us: The adults are back in town – returning competency to Washington.  What has President Asterisk demonstrated so far?  He can’t even get toilet paper from ships in California to empty store shelves a few miles away.

Joe is even losing the support of fellow Democrats.  Now he’s in trouble in deep blue states which he won handily.  Do you think maybe they’re mad because he’s screwed up all of their plans?  That’s because he is – wait for it – an idiot, and not a particularly useful one either.

I’m sorry, Joe is not an evil genius destroying the foundation of America to usher in a new paradise.  The evidence would suggest that he is something very different – the human embodiment of Murphy’s Law.  He is the gremlin in the machinery making sure that everything breaks.  In fact, he has screwed up things so bad that he’s triggered a counter-movement.  Was “Let’s go Brandon” part of the plan?

On a positive note, I hear President Gremlin’s trip to the Vatican went well last week.  Joe claims that the Pope told him he was a good Catholic.  Maybe the church will canonize him someday.  He can be the patron saint of screw-ups.

Photo by Ivan Radic at Flickr.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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