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Jonathan Diaz Reveals His Answer To The Marketing Agency Client Retention Problem

The marketing industry certainly goes through many ups and downs. If the economy looks good, companies spend more of their budget on their marketing efforts, keen to try a new approach to selling their services and products.

However, if the economy enters a nosedive, the same companies become more watchful, expecting more impressive results without spending more of their limited budget. All of that means that, if a business doesn’t get satisfaction from its marketing agency, it’ll simply go elsewhere in an attempt to improve their outcomes.

Even if the economy is looking up, a lot of companies are picky when deciding how to spend their marketing budget, and many marketing agencies find that they face a high client turnover. Client retention is increasingly becoming more difficult these days, and finding ways of dealing with it before it gets out of hand is key.

This is where Jonathan Diaz and his company, Rocket Dyno, can step in to help.

How Do Marketing Agencies Know They Have A Client Retention Problem?

All marketing agencies lose clients from time to time, and that isn’t always an indicator of a serious long-term problem. However, if more departures are occurring over time and fewer new clients are approaching the agency, this suggests there is an issue that needs urgent rectification.

It’s especially bad news if the clients who are going elsewhere were long-established ones rather than recent clients who were simply testing the water. When all is said and done, though, if the number of clients leaving your agency has increased over time and not enough new ones are coming through the door to replace them, you have a problem.

Why Are Clients Leaving?

There are several reasons why clients may want to leave a marketing agency. Some common ones include:

  • Poor connection – sometimes, clients and agencies just don’t get on and clients don’t like the strategies that agencies put in place for them.
  • Poor communication – when clients feel as if their agency doesn’t see them as their top priority they often choose to seek out an agency which will.
  • Poor consistency – it isn’t enough for just one marketing push to make a difference to the client. Consistency is key. If follow-up strategies can’t pull off another success, clients usually go elsewhere.
  • Poor quality – if an agency produces poor quality work clients will choose to go to another agency that won’t reflect so badly on their image.

Of course, there are other reasons aside from those mentioned above. Sometimes a change in a client’s corporate culture or even an internal decision can affect their decision about which marketing agency to use. However, it’s still a good idea to take a look at your processes and see what can be done to resolve client turnover issues.

Improving Performance For Clients

For agencies that are experiencing client turnover problems, taking steps to put things right is imperative. One way to do this is by focusing on how you can improve your performance for your clients.

They need to be sure that their marketing agency is putting in maximum effort to deliver results and generate leads for them and that means finding ways to maximize the effectiveness of your performance. This is a problem that Jonathan Diaz has set out to solve by establishing his company, Rocket Dyno.

“Rocket Dyno can help marketing agencies to build a call center which can maximize the effectiveness of their agency’s performance for its clients.” Diaz says. “The Rocket Dyno team provides marketing agencies with all they require for turnkey call center operations.”

The great benefit that Rocket Dyno can offer marketing agencies is a full team of specialists working on their behalf to generate leads and nurture prospects. With real agents offering a live communication experience without any bots or auto-dialers involved, Rocket Dyno can ensure that the call center experience is an optimal one which creates positive results for clients rather than resulting in greater client attrition and turnover.

“It was my mission, when setting up Rocket Dyno, to help lead generation companies and marketing agencies solve their client retention issues.” Diaz says. “I’m pleased to say that in just six months since establishing my business I have seen enormous success already. Rocket Dyno has already had the opportunity to work with some high-profile companies like Farmers Insurance and has already scaled past 300,000 ARR.”

With such a positive start behind it, Rocket Dyno is set to be a go-to solution for marketing agencies that are experiencing problems with high client turnover. “When agencies come to us for help, we can make a huge difference to their operations,” Diaz promises, “thanks to our experienced and skilled team members who are dedicated to offering the best possible level of service.”

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