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How To Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Messy Children

If you regularly drive your kids around, you might often find it frustrating when you look at your back seat and find mysterious food spills, toys, food crumbs and damage to your car’s interior. Yes, you might be taking proper care of your car but it’s likely going to become a hot mess very fast. Eventually, you will have more problems if you often use your car on road trips. Here are the best tips on how to keep your car clean especially on long car rides with your children.

Have A ‘No Food Rule’

If you don’t want to find spills in your car, you should set a rule of not having food in the car. It will help prevent any food spillages. It’s a good rule to have in place, if you have your children riding with you on short car trips. Of course, your kids might not accept this rule so fast. That’s why you need to restrict your food to snacks that can be eaten easily without spillage.

Cupcake Liners For Your Cup Holders

Do you have a lot of cupcake liners in your kitchen drawer that you often don’t use? Well, they will definitely come in handy. Add a cupcake liner to the cup holders in your car to keep them clean. Even better, it will be easier to remove any food scraps since you can always remove the cupcake liner and throw it away.

Bath Rug As A Floor Rug

Car mats BMW are often affected by spilled food, dirty shoes and drinks. You should keep extra bath rugs in the car so you can place them under the seats of your car. You should be able to protect the car floor mats from any scratches and clean up any food crumbs immediately. You can also take off the rug and place it on your trash can.

Behind-The-Seat Trash Bags And Seat Covers

It’s easy enough to control any trash left in your backseat by your kids effortlessly. Place a garbage bag, preferably reusable, behind the front seats. It will make cleanup easier and your children can use effortlessly. If the interior of your vehicle is light there will be damage to the rear seats. You should consider using seat covering for behind the seat. The covers will work as kick guards to protect damage coming from smudging, kicking and other activities.

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