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How One Entrepreneur is Banking on the ‘5th Revolution’ with GeniusU

You’ve probably heard about the “metaverse.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is banking big on it. He’s not the only one. You can tap into the emerging metaverse and find mentors, strategies and your opportunity to succeed in a life-changing way.

We either write our own legacy or our legacy happens to us accidentally. The next decade will bring opportunities and changes that will never come again in our lifetime. We will either create our own destiny by embracing and understanding the “5th wave” or the “5th revolution,” and the trends that will drive this once-in-a-lifetime transformation, or we will be left behind.

The next 10 years will be known as the digital decade, and entrepreneurs and businesses would be wise to take it seriously.

Bill Gates reminds entrepreneurs: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10 years.”

The 5th Revolution

Roger James Hamilton, a futurist and social entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and CEO of the Genius Group, the world’s largest entrepreneur education company, says we are now in this 5th Revolution — where intelligence is everywhere around us. If you have access to the Internet and the ability to think globally, you can compete with Jeff Bezos.

Hamilton is preparing entrepreneurs for the next 10 years through Genius Group and his GeniusU education technology (edtech) platform.

Genius Group is a global education company with over 2 million students in 200 countries. They are developing a future-focused, entrepreneur education system that spans from early learning, primary and secondary school, through university, adult education, and corporate training. They have created the world’s #1 entrepreneur success platform, GeniusU.

GeniusU courses prepare entrepreneurs for the digital decade and help them adapt their business models and their economic engines for growth and sustainability. To compete in the digital decade, GeniusU teaches entrepreneurs to embrace the metaverse and understand that the old ways of doing things will no longer work.

Wealth Dynamics & Frequencies Tests

The starting point is for entrepreneurs to understand their entrepreneur profile and then leverage it with all the tools and thinking of the digital decade. GeniusU begins with each entrepreneur taking the Wealth Dynamics test to determine whether one has a Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Lord, or Mechanic profile with one of the following four frequencies: Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo, and Steel. It is critical for entrepreneurs to understand how they create value and how their entrepreneur profile determines that.

Only when they fully embrace who they are and what they love, can they leverage the value they create to maximize their business and their individual potential.

Philip Gutierrez, based in Houston, Texas, is one of the thousands of successful entrepreneurs who have used the GeniusU platform for not only personal development but to enhance their business success.

As part of the 5.0 GeniusU program, he gained access to the GeniusU platform of over 2 million entrepreneurs, and from this, he has culled his own personal Mastermind Group, a community of over 2,000 entrepreneurs.

Additionally, he was personally mentored by the CEO of Genius Group, Roger James Hamilton.

Everyone Has Their Own Genius

In 1999, Gutierrez read an ad for Latin and Ballroom dance training at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios company. He quickly realized the growth potential at the Fred Astaire Studios and became a full-time instructor. Over time, he became a manager and later owner of his first Fred Astaire Dance Studio franchise. Throughout his journey, he’s been awarded the Top Teacher Award and the Freddy Award as both an instructor and owner. With persistence and dedication, Phillip grew his one franchise to seven franchise locations.

In 2018, he completed the Genius 5.0 program as a Platinum member, which included eight virtual, four-week programs that provided the mentoring, steps, and skills needed to keep his business moving forward in the digital decade.

GeniusU helped Philip realize that everyone has their own genius. By discovering what each of his employees is most skilled at, Philip was able to build a more well-rounded team. Of his 55 staff, 19 have taken the Wealth Dynamics test and gone through some of its curricula.

Since 2018, Philip has grown from seven franchises to 10 franchises, grossing over $7 million a year. GeniusU was instrumental in giving Phillip the skills and mindset needed to achieve this seven-figure revenue.

His current short-term goal is to expand to 25 franchises. His potential long-term goal is buying the Fred Astaire Dance Studio corporation.

Phillip best sums up how GeniusU has impacted his business. “The GeniusU Crystal Circle mentoring program was one of the most important moves in my business career. The private mentoring I received from Roger James Hamilton has been life-changing for me. He taught me how to think big and think smart. Additionally, he taught me how to not only understand but embrace the ten trends that are shaping the digital decade.”

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