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Floor stencils are better than floor tiles – Know the reasons

Upgrading bathrooms and kitchens top the list of home remodeling projects and in both cases changing the flooring is a priority. Changing styles and adding more equity to homes are the goals of home redesigning or remodeling projects, but these can be expensive even if you only consider changing the flooring. Whether you replace the existing floor tiles or choose some other type of flooring, the remodeling project will disrupt your lifestyle because you must vacate the space that can cause a lot of inconveniences. Instead, upgrading floors by using tile stencils is a cheaper and more convenient option that is fast gaining popularity. If you have plain floor tiles and want to create nice designs on the floor without spending too much and complete the job in a day, then get a stencil of your chosen design and transfer it to the floor, wasting any time.

Floor stencils are cheaper

Think about the available options to give a fresh look to the bathroom floor, which might have become faded and looks old. Gone are the days when changing the tiles was the only way to upgrade floors. Today, if your goal is to beautify the bathroom floor, then there is no need to replace the tiles. Give a fresh and new look to the floors by painting your chosen design on the tiles with floor stencils that help to create the effects of new tiles design without changing the tiles. Obviously, it costs you a fraction of what you would have to spend had you decided to change the tiles.

Long life

Having saved money by not buying tiles, you can expect some more gains from floor stencils. Although the investment in stencils for giving new looks to the floor is negligible as compared to the cost of new tiles, the return on investment is extraordinarily high because the stenciled floor will retain the looks for years together even in areas of heavy traffic. The durability of the painted design is so high that it can withstand the force of pointed stilettos with the same ease as the rubbing of the cutest shoes.

Be creative

Buying floor tiles or any other tiles has its limitations in terms of aesthetics because the design and color scheme that you have in mind might be just one of its kinds that no tile manufacturer can meet. Either you have to compromise and choose something else closest to your choice, or if you are hell-bent upon getting the design and color scheme that is so dear to your heart, then you definitely need floor stencils to fulfill your dream. It is highly satisfying to paint the floor of your bathroom with your chosen design all on your own.

Even if you are not inclined to embark on a DIY project and intend to hire a painter to do the job for you, even then, you spend almost nothing because the painter can complete the job in a day, and it takes about an hour for the paint to dry.

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