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FAIL: NBC News Tries to Lecture Tucker on ‘Journalistic Responsibility’

Oh dear. The parent of MSNBC and the former home of Brian Williams believes it has the moral high ground on Fox News… or something.

In a Sunday morning article, Brian Rosenwald attacked Fox News in general and Tucker Carlson specifically for choosing profit over journalistic ethics.

“Claims about journalistic responsibility, morality or the public good matter far less than profit margins. And in a world of increasing competition, Carlson’s often hard-edged, conspiracy- and falsehood-laden, right-wing populism is good for making money.”

Mr. Rosenwald is very upset with Tucker for releasing a documentary on the Jan. 6 protest that challenges the Democratic Party narrative of a Trump-fueled attempted coup. He greatly overuses words like false, falsehood, and untruth to belabor his point that only Speaker Pelosi’s version of the Capitol Hill events is correct. To magnify his tone-deafness on media bias, Brian also puts NPR on a pedestal as an example of “across the political spectrum.”

“The documentary has generated condemnation from across the political spectrum for its untruths. NPR media reporter David Folkenflik, to pick just one example, labeled it “pretty dark and often fact-free.” Its critics have blasted the documentary’s false claim that the insurrection was a “false flag” or “honeypot” staged by former President Donald Trump’s foes in national security agencies and the left-wing group antifa to smear Trump backers.”

NPR is about as politically diverse as a pink pussy hat march.

MSNBC’s generously paid, far-left superstar, Rachel Maddow, is no stranger to untruths and falsehoods. She basically made her name off of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax perpetrated by people now being investigated and charged for their parts in a completely debunked story.

Brian’s article is just another part of NBC’s bigger effort to paint Fox News and its talent as a threat to democracy.

Chris Hayes has a segment titled “Damage, inc” in which he illuminates his viewers on “what 25 years of Fox News ‘poison’ has done to America.”

Screen Grab from Video on NBC News website

Ultimately, NBC News is having a company-wide meltdown over the truth – that their heavily-biased commentary isn’t as popular as Fox News’. Rosenwald is just playing his part.

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  1. Push back! Let’s cancel the cancel culture. Please consider a boycott of NBC programming until they come to their senses. Guessing many already have! Buh bye fake news.

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