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Drain Blockage Poses Health Hazards and Knowing Some Signs Should Help in Addressing the Issues Early

Disruptions in the plumbing system are pretty serious for homeowners because they can make their daily lives miserable by causing water leakages or blocked drains. For clean and healthy homes, the plumbing system must work flawlessly to ensure a clean environment both inside and outside the houses. Although we try to keep our homes clean by wiping the floors and cleaning the walls, problems with the plumbing system can severely upset the plans of maintaining clean homes. Since the plumbing systems mostly remain concealed behind the walls and under the floors while only the outlets are visible, most problems that occur in the pipelines go unnoticed until it becomes too big and disrupts our lives, and poses health hazards.

While water leaks are still acceptable despite the inconvenience caused by flooded floors, blocked drains are entirely unacceptable because of the health threats accompanying them. The sooner you can detect drainage problems better it is because even the slightest delay in calling the plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Carroll County can blow the issue out of proportions.

Drains are dirty and dangerous

Whether drains are for draining used household water or sewer lines, both handle dirty water, which, if allowed spilling over the place, can pose various health problems. Although you might feel that the water draining from the shower, kitchen, or toilet is better than sewer water, which it is, it does not eliminate the health hazards. Sewer water is dangerous because it contains harmful bacteria and pollutes the environment besides endangering lives. Therefore, you must be more alert about clogged drains of the sewer lines and avoid any overflow by taking timely action to clear the blockage so that the drainage remains unaffected. Blocked drains can aggravate existing health problems, and undetected leakages create a moist environment that encourages mold growth and worsens health.

Knowing the signs of blocked drains should help detect the problem early and act fast so that it does not become a severe threat to the health of the residents.

Foul smell lingering in the air

Sewer waters have a strong, pungent smell due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas and other gases produced within the sewer system, including the deadly methane gas. Food waste and other kitchen waste, when left for some time, starts rotting and spreads a foul smell with the home. When you get any such smell at your home, it is a sign of some invisible plumbing leakage, and the typical smell will help to identify whether the problem is with the sewer system or it relates to wastewater drainage.

Slow drainage

If you observe that it takes longer for water to drain out from the sink or basin, it is time to detect the blockage in the pipelines or clogged drain points that slow down the draining speed. Chances of clogged drains due to accumulations of oil, grease, hair, and other items are quite high.

Water puddles

When you find small puddles of water around the sink or bathtub or notice the pooling of water at any other place, it is a warning sign for water leakage.

Do not waste time but call a plumber who is the best person to help you out in such situations.

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