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Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are An Affordable Tool For Businesses

As business operations shift to the cloud, phone systems are no exception. The popularity of cloud-based phone systems, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet calling has grown radically where as traditional analog phones rely on copper wires and older infrastructure, a cloud phone system makes calls with an active internet connection. 

Most traditional landline phone infrastructure is phasing out and telecommunication companies are reluctant to invest in upgrading them. As computers become increasingly powerful and economical, a cloud-based phone system is more reliable and functional communication for any business, including startups and multinational companies.

Top Reasons Why Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are Affordable For Global Communication

No Equipment To Maintain

The fundamental difference between a cloud-based phone system and on-premises systems is traditional infrastructure requires dedicated storage for hardware like a PBX server, cables, and wires. Cloud-based phone systems require no equipment purchase or maintenance which can generate significant cost savings.

A cloud-based phone system is affordable for businesses in a variety of ways:

  • You don’t need to spend any upfront fees on setting up a phone system
  • You don’t need IT expertise or resources to keep systems running
  • You can be free from dealing with costly maintenance or unexpected repair costs when a piece of hardware fails

Unified Communication

A traditional phone system has limited features without extra fees. Cloud-based phone systems let businesses consolidate and centralize their communication, including instant messaging, chat, video conferencing, emails, faxes, social media, CRM, and web applications.

Powerful Built-In Features

Communication is key for any business and today’s cloud-based systems enable companies to:

  • Customize on-hold messages
  • Avail speed dialing
  • Auto attend calls
  • Forward calls
  • Record calls

If a company misses a customer call, its reputation suffers. Customers expect professional greetings and response to their calls. Without both, companies can lose revenue and opportunity.

No Long Distance Charges.

Even small businesses with low call volume need to pay a considerable amount to activate long-distance calls. Many companies complain about getting surprised by their monthly bills or overpaying for long-distance coverage from a traditional phone system. 

Opting for a cloud-based system can save a lot of money since there are no long-distance or international fees. associated with transmitting voice data or sending emails.

Save On Phone Bills

Businesses using cloud-based phone systems over time report phone bill reductions by 70% or more. The savings come from having no long-distance charges, maintenance, and charge additional phone lines. You can get a cloud-based system for a small flat fee with all featuresVisit more information about cloud-based systems that you can customize to your needs.

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