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California school district funds police once again

It was July when the Pomona Unified School District decided to defund their school police program. Black Lives Matter activists and progressives around the Los Angeles suburb had decided that it was a good idea and were celebrating the move.

Activists had argued that the officers were not needed based on “racist” police actions across the country. No matter how much anyone argued that police were needed, The school district was not having it. They would instead bring in trained de-escalation techniques. Because that will stop someone with a gun right?

Instead, the school district had a shooting nearby one of its schools which left a student injured and they have miraculously decided to change their decision. It was not a school shooting that changed their mind. It was just the thought of one.

The school district has decided that student safety is important and the police department plays a vital role in the safety of those students. That’s certainly a different message than what the LA Times wanted to pander.

They immediately restarted their anti-police message once again. In their article covering the story, the LA Times said, “The Pomona school board is not alone in its angst over school safety policies and policing that emerged after nationwide protests over the killing of Black people by police officers and evidence that police disproportionately target Black and Latino students.” That line is complete garbage.

Time and again the “evidence” that the radical left claims to have against law enforcement officers have been proven wrong. Crime continues to be an issue in Black communities, where more crime is committed than in other communities. More crime equals more arrests and police presence. It really is that simple.

The progressives do not see it that way. They want to eliminate any sign of police and the radical LA Times is obviously upset that this district brought back police. They go on to fill the remainder of the story with examples of how police at schools have targeted students or sharing examples of incidents that question the use of police on campus.

If you want bad examples to use as a means to ban things, we can find those in any situation in life. Time and again law enforcement officers have proven their value in keeping Americans safe. They willingly put their lives at risk to help save others.

The real shame in this is that it took an incident where a student was hurt in order to convince the school board that they needed the police. It took a safety incident to figure out that these radical leftists have no clue what they are talking about with their defund the police rhetoric.

Now if they could just figure out the same with the progressive radical agenda in everything else.

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  2. Use Minneapolis as an example. They defunded the police and the crime spiked there. Many of the blacks were complaining they had no protection in their neighborhoods. The city commissioners had their own protection they hired at the taxpayers expense while others had to fend for themselves. The moronic progressives such as the “squad” have their own security and can care less about the common people. Because of their stupidity, law enforcement officers are resigning in record numbers across this Country. I can’t blame them! The blacks always complain about police brutality when they don’t follow orders from law enforcement and more white people are shot by police than blacks if they would look at the statistics. Look at the rise in crime in this Country and the open borders is a total disaster. Wait until there is another terrorist strike in this Country because Beijing Biden has left the borders open. It’s only a matter of time before this happens and blaming Trump is becoming an old excuse that won’t fly anymore. Our only hope is that the 2022 elections are swept by the right and Biden becomes a “lame duck” President!

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