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Arizona Governor Quietly Signs Mass Vaccination Tracking Program

Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. In August, Ducey issued an Executive Order (EO) proclaiming that Arizonans would be protected from “vaccine” mandates which included a signing statement and press release to push out to the media.

However, Ducey signed an EO on Oct. 8 instituting a radical tracking system that everybody who submits to the jab must pass their personal information to the state and the federal government. And of course, no signing statement could be found nor press release.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff David Hathaway of Arizona detailed the anti-liberty and anti-privacy move in a recent interview.

“This hypocrite Republican governor who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, he goes around touting the vaccines on how they’re ‘safe and effective and everyone should get vaccinate,’ but then he tries to play the other side like where ‘I’m opposed to vaccine mandates,’” Hathaway said.

Hathaway added: “Here’s a Republican governor, a hypocrite, requiring that every 24 hours all this personally identifiable information, with no ability to opt out, be shared with CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and HHS (Department of Health and Human Services).”

The order is titled Enhanced Surveillance Advisory which states that Arizona will work closely with the CDC and HHS to get personal information from every single person who takes a shot, and the data will be updated every 24 hours. They will be using the Immunization Gateway run by both the CDC and HHS.

The EO states that “an individual, healthcare provider, or local health agency who administers COVID-19 vaccine shall report the following … every 24 hours” including name, date of birth, gender, race/ethnicity, residential address, phone number and “vaccine” priority group along with “vaccine” product info, the dates when each jab is administered and where on the body the guinea pig was jabbed.

And, against Arizona law which is referenced in the order, there is no opt-out. The order states: “Such information sharing may be permitted, regardless of whether any individuals have opted out of having their individually identifiable health information accessible through the health information system.”

Why would Ducey sign this? “It’s very simple, it’s money,” Hathaway said noting it’s referenced in the order. He added that a Department of Homeland Security bulletin went out to every sheriffs’ office and every police department proclaiming that billions of federal dollars would be going out to local and state governments to comply with their will.

“The strings attached on this are very simple,” Hathaway said. “(Ducey) has to share all the vaccine information, individualized data, with no ability to opt out for anybody that gets the shot in Arizona.”

This, as Hathaway notes, has been the case throughout the scamdemic ever since President Donald Trump’s March 13, 2020 proclamation declaring a state of emergency, which has remained in place under President Joe Biden. There are strings attached to that order that states must follow federal edicts if they want to see the money.

Ducey declared a state of emergency that same day which has illegally continued to this day. Hathaway states that in Arizona the governor only has 24 hours to declare a state of emergency before calling a special session allowing the legislature to determine it’s legitimacy, something that has never happened in his state.

And what’s happening in Santa Cruz County? Hathaway said his county is now advertising for three health positions for door-to-door campaigns, all funded through grants from COVID dollars, which he said the positions will “performs home visits to identify clients” seeking “targeted populations.” He said, among the skills are “persuading and influencing.”

“Well, you’ve got Governor Ducey’s database that shows everybody who’s gotten a shot so you can go out to all the addresses where they haven’t gotten a shot and knock on the door and tell them the importance of getting the shot,” Hathaway said. He added: “That would never fly as a local taxpayer funded program.”

Further research will find the county is also advertising for a grant-funded “Vaccine Equity Coordinator.” You can accurately guess what that job is by the name.

Hathaway did note there is pushback. He “started getting hundreds of affidavits and letters,” maybe over 1,000, which were sent to every sheriff in the state opposing this executive overreach.

Yet another GOP backstabber, there’s South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem who in April proclaimed no “vaccine” passports would be allowed in her state but on Oct. 27 literally says she will protect “private” entities who issue mandates and passports.

Noem’s Oct. 27 EO was heralded by Conservative, Inc. media as protecting South Dakotans from jab mandates, but it does nothing of the sort. The order states: “Nothing in this Executive Order should be construed or interpreted to infringe upon or otherwise usurp the ability of private businesses in South Dakota to make decisions regarding their own employees or individuals entering their places of business or private property.”

Let’s be clear, when you take a job, you do not become a slave to your employer. There is a role for government to protect your individual liberty, and an employer doesn’t have a right to make medical decisions for you. However, employers do have a right to determine what they will pay their employees through a mutual agreement. But Noem doesn’t have any problem with the government interfering there as she executes a minimum wage in her state. So, she will interfere in the employee-employer relationship in something clearly none of the government’s business, i.e. wages, but she will leave employers free to make medical decisions for employees.

Back to Noem’s EO, adds that it “does not apply to service members of the South Dakota National Guard,” and she cites “court precedent” (there’s no such thing as court precedent if you believe in the Constitution) which she claims gives presidents “the authority to mandate such vaccine for the overall health of our Nation’s fighting forces.” In other words, she’s admitting subservience to Biden adding: “I will not be accused of ever interfering with a President’s ability to prepare our National Guard for service in protection of our nation.”

Noem’s order only applies “any state agency, department, bureau, division, board, commission, or other executive branch entity or official of the executive branch under the direct control of the Governor,” and they must submit a “written statement from a physician” for medical reasons or a signed statement that they have a “moral, ethical, and philosophical beliefs or principles” against it because apparently you have to ask permission to have rights. The Noem EO admits that such provisions are in Biden’s unconstitutional order, so she basically is admitting she’s done nothing but seeking nice headlines to play to her base.

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