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ANOTHER Open Letter To Kyle Rittenhouse

The Blue State Conservative

Dear Kyle,

Justice, for now, has prevailed. You’re a free man. Soon I suspect you’ll be a very rich man as well. With all of these conditions, however, some caveats are in order. I’m sure you’ve got folks whispering things in your ear, and much of it good information. I’d like to offer my thoughts in public, because (especially in this day and age) sunshine is critically important.

Let me start by saying that I don’t imagine you’re going to be “free” for long. That is to say, you won’t be free of continued harassment at the hands of the Leftists who’ve already painted you as a murderer, white supremacist, and more. This is shameful, of course – you’ve been judged by a jury of your peers and found innocent, after all – but this is America, and “shame” no longer enters the picture for people like those who have hounded and will continue to hound you for eternity. They don’t know the meaning of the word.

Sadly, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll long be free of prison, or the civil alternative to it.

The weaponized Department of “Justice”, absolutely the most inappropriately named and corrupt institution in America right now, has already made it their mission to find a way to “make you pay” since their Leftist masters weren’t able to achieve the result they wanted through the criminal court system. And most shocking and sad of all, there are still others who are trying to take a second bite of that pie, your Constitutional rights be damned. Of course, if the Constitution meant a damned thing to these people you never would have been tried for a crime in the first place. They have exactly as much respect for the Constitution as the people who attacked you had for law and order (not to mention common decency).

I’m not bringing all of this negativity up to worry or frighten you, or otherwise ruin your well-deserved victory parade. Know that if the powers that be continue to try to push these shenanigans, the patriots who have had your back from the outset will assuredly go scorched-earth on each and every one of them. We’re well past the point where we’re tired of seeing innocent lives sacrificed at the altar of wokeism and the lies of “social justice”.

Let us hope that you need not concern yourself with these bits of nonsense for long. It appears that you stand to gain quite a nice head start on life now that you’ve been proven innocent of the bogus charges leveled against you by both the corrupt prosecutor and anti-Americans nationwide who’ve smeared your good name. Like most legitimate Americans, I am hopeful that you’ll sue every single one of them, and enjoy the payday you so richly deserve.

But that’s what I want to talk to you about. You see, despite the fact that you’ve had to weather this alone in many respects, your case is and continues to be about much more than just you. It is perhaps unfair that you are asked yet again to carry a responsibility that in so many ways exceeds your age, but these are the burdens of greatness. For whatever reason, you have been chosen for these heroic tasks.

I’d like to define you now. I realize it is not especially my right to do so, and it’s even more pretentious of me considering that I don’t know you personally. However, I have a good gauge of how the public views you, from both sides of the political and moral spectrum, and like it or not this is now a major part of who you are and who you will be forevermore.

Kyle, you’re both a patriot and a pariah in your own country. Those who support you, like me, view you as a symbol of America in countless ways. We see everything we want to be, everything we want our children to be, all wrapped up in your teenage body. Sadly, we (and you) walk daily with anti-Americans who do not respect any of the things you personally, and your court victory, represent. They hate this country, and so they hate you. They are evil and vile, so they have behaved and continue to behave in evil, vile ways. You’ll continue to be persecuted, threatened, even hunted.

While you’ll enjoy some opportunities to make these terrible souls pay for their wickedness, you’ll nevertheless be forced to endure their scorn and tantrums for the remainder of your life.

Sadly, so will America and the rest of her patriots. Unlike you, however, we have no recourse and no way to punish those who so callously disregard our laws and the simple tenets of decency. We have to count on you to take care of that duty for us.

It is how you handle this duty that prompts me to write this letter. I have no say in how you choose to move forward, but I have a few humble requests on behalf of the American patriots who’ve suffered alongside you (though without the risks that you had to endure) and wished you well all along the way. We want the antagonists of our America to pay for their attitude, their disregard of decency, and their choice to ignore the laws that govern how they may handle themselves in situations such as this.

More importantly, however, we want them to be required to apologize for these actions, and publicly promise not to ever undertake them again. Simply put, we want to see them forced to admit and accept shame for what they’ve done and continue to do, under penalty of law.

We have no way of seeing this kind of justice done, but you do. These people act with impunity because they know they can get away with it; the government, an insurance company, or the institution they work for will cover their sorry asses. And assuredly, those entities will do their level best to settle the many cases you’re going to bring, as quietly and quickly as possible. They’re going to offer you obscene amounts of money for exactly this purpose, but as a stipulation they’re going to request that you just keep your mouth shut and move on.

You’re entitled to do that. You have suffered enough, and you’re entitled to the payday your suffering has earned for you. Nobody will begrudge you taking a ride on this gravy train, least of all me. You deserve it.

But there’s another approach I’d like for you to consider. You’re going to win several such settlements, and have the opportunity to win many more. What I and American patriots nationwide would like to see is for you to demand that the most egregious offenders issue very public, very precise apologies to you and to the American people. They will say “here’s the money; take it and run”. We’d like for you to say “I’ll take your money together with a public apology, or we’ll see you in court.”

These people settle cases like this because they don’t want the bad publicity of a trial. They don’t want their company, their product, or their people raked over the coals, particularly in view of the public.

Did any of them offer you that option before they slandered you? Did any of them demand that you not be tried, even though any moron could see that you were guilty of NOTHING?

No, they did not. Quite the opposite, actually. They forced you to defend yourself TWICE; once from the criminals who attacked you, and a second time from a system they tried to rig against you.

It’s time for them to face the same music.

I promise you, you’ll have the support of the true American public – patriots from shore to shore – if you demand that the President of the United States issue a full and contrite apology. We will also cheer you on for demanding the same from countless others, from the disgraced ex-Governor of New York to Hollywood actors and actresses who abused their platforms to smear you in virtually every conceivable way. And of course, the mainstream news media outlets and pundits who decided your guilt well before the evidence was in, and often doubled- and tripled-down on their asinine presumptions even after the truth came out and was judged credible.

Until people like this are held to account – something you are in a position to do now – they’ll never stop doing what they do to innocent people like you and the other America-loving patriots who believed in you.

Take the quiet payoff from the less-nasty of the bunch, if you must, so long as it doesn’t set a precedent that destroys your ability to demand more from the worst of them. This will assure you of a more comfortable future. But by all means, please demand the maximum from those others – and the maximum demands a public apology. They deserve the shame, you deserve the satisfaction, and America deserves to see justice done a second time in the matter of Kyle Rittenhouse versus the scum of America.

Congratulations on your legal victory, and thank you for standing for America – both on that August night in Kenosha, and moving forward.

Best of luck to you.

Featured photo courtesy of The New York Post.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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