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5 Things to Store in a Large Cooler Backpack

Outside is calling you, pulling you away from the countless hours of being cooped up inside your home to go splash around at the beach, get your heart beating moving with a stealthy hike through the woods, or having some one-on-one time with your closest friend at the park.

Other than appropriate clothing and your winning attitude, the only other thing that you need to bring with you is a brand-new Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack.

Before you start feeling confused about the idea of having a cooler carried on your back, we aren’t talking about one of those massive strawberry-red tubs.

With your Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack, you are getting a sleek and compact knapsack that just happens to have enough space to carry enough food and beverages for the whole afternoon.


It also doesn’t hurt that the Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack is constructed with a thick layer of insulated foam to ensure warm food stays warm and cool beverages stay cool.

Now is the time to graduate from that heavy and awkward traditional cooler and experience the flexibility of being able to move about with your hands-free, thanks to your large cooler backpack.

1. Wine Bottles

Now that you are going on a date at the park, how great would it be to surprise them with a romantic gesture as chilled wine carried in the dual wine side pockets with built-in covers that are constructed in your Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack?

If you are meeting several people, you can even carry multiple wine bottles in the same backpack, which even comes with a free keychain bottle opener.

2. Fresh Fruit

Being that the Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack is an insulated cooler with a large capacity, you will be able to keep fresh fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes inside of it to give yourself a nutritious snack while you are hiking for a few miles to get away from your digital devices and restore your body with some exercise.

3. Canned Beverages

Even though this is a cooler backpack, you may still have your reservations about filling it with drinks because you are worried that the backpack may start to leak.

This is definitely a non-issue because the Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack has waterproof zippers and leak-proof lining so that you can even put 36 canned beverages that are 12 ounces each inside of it if you are walking over to a friend’s house for a barbeque.

Another convenient option is that you can also put a one-pound bag of ice inside your cooler backpack without ruining it along the way.

4. Hot Soup

Like it or not, soup is just not the same when it has been sitting around cold for hours.

Have no fear; your cooler backpack is here to keep your chicken noodle or vegetable soups warm during hours of your mobile activities.

The backpack’s insulation and foam are able to keep your warm liquid meal at the ideal temperature to enjoy it later on and also to make sure it still tastes fresh.

5. Water Bottles

As they say, the human body may be able to go days without food, but the same cannot be said for the consumption of water.

Being that you are using a backpack, it is clear that you are in the midst of travel, whether near or far, or just over to the local park.

Imagine if you were able to not only hold multiple bottles in your backpack but you could also keep them feeling like they had been stored in the refrigerator all afternoon?

Keep yourself hydrated by being able to drink the most important liquid on planet Earth while you go bike riding or walking for a few miles.

Ultimately, just because this is a cooler in the form of a backpack, it definitely doesn’t mean that the only things that you will be able to safely keep inside of it have to be edible. In other words, your backpack doesn’t have to be used strictly as a lunchbox with straps.

This multi-purpose Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack has the pockets, compartments, and capacity on the front and sides of it to carry your keys, cellphone, sunglasses, wallet, and your bottle of sunscreen.

Now that you know that an Everlasting Comfort Cooler Backpack can hold way more than just these five highly useful items that we have discussed, what are you waiting for? Get your own cooler backpack and get out there and use it to bring some happy closure to your busy work week.

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