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What If They Find A REAL Smoking Gun?

The Blue State Conservative

As circuses go, the first impeachment of Donald Trump was the Barnum and Bailey’s of DC. Tough to top that dog and pony show.

Then there was “Impeachment II: The Sequel”. A few horn-honking walruses and such, but clearly not on par with “Impeachment I”. What sequel ever is, amirite?

It turns out those were just opening acts for the real thing, though. Teasers, meant to get us ready for the actual entertainment to come. 

The United States House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.

WHEW…glad I’m not the one who had to stencil THAT onto the Big Top tent.

And what a tent! Folks, this is Cirque Du Soliel, Mummenschanz, and Blue Man Group all rolled into one. I’ll bet they even have Siegfried & Roy mixed in there somewhere.

After all, when have you ever seen a little thing like death bother a Democrat? That’s just two more voters to them.

Yeah, this is a genuine shindig, filled with such pomp and spectacle that every American should be treated to a free red foam nose as part of the next round of stimulus.

The show’s got two of the usual cast of characters – Nancy Pelosi, who while not serving on the committee proper nevertheless offers her public address skills (and sells too-expensive ice cream to the screaming kiddies); and Adam Schiff, who doesn’t get to be ringmaster this time (but most confuse him with one of those monkeys that runs across elephant’s trunks and dances the Merengue anyway, so that’s no real loss). Two newcomers – Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – help round out the crew, bringing their “Republican” bona fides to the affair. Of course, that’s like Jeffrey Epstein bringing his “role model” bona fides to a middle school dance, but what are you gonna do?

Speaking of Jeffrey Epstein, I was wondering the other day what state he voted in 2020. I suppose the answer is probably “all of them”.

Now this circus committee – wait, we’re going to have to acronym this bad boy. I’m getting older now and saying the whole thing over and over again is taxing on my lungs. So, the USHSCTITJ6AOTUSC (I know it’s hard to remember, but if you think that’s bad, try recalling everything that follows LGBT) has set out to uncover the truth of the attack on the United States Capitol on 6 January. It’s right in the name. Never mind that calling it an “attack” from the get-go kinda shoots down any appearance of objectivity or credibility, but neither of those words means anything to this bunch.

Democrats consider these as “made-up” words, kinda like “honor”, “dignity”, “justice”, “integrity”, or in Jerry Nadler’s case, “hygiene”.

So these performers congresspeople are going to turn over every stone, interview every pertinent witness (and probably a few impertinent ones), and painstakingly reconstruct the exact details of that day, to the extent that it fits their narrative, because that’s what the American public deserves!

Now part of this show process involves demanding the release of Donald Trump’s communications and other private, privileged material from the period. As the sitting President at that time, the expectation is that Trump will be afforded the same traditional protections as every other President before him; the safeguarding of such potentially dangerous material. You see, in the hands of the wrong people, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons, even what the President ate for breakfast that day may be dangerous. Trump’s communications are worthy of the national-security-level protection all of his predecessors have received.

None of this matters to Queen Nancy and her circus freaks. They have a narrative to create, and a little thing like National Security isn’t going to stand in their way. And of course the sock-puppet-in-chief will comply cooperate. He’s already agreed to. (In fairness to Joe, he probably “agreed to” before he even knew what anyone was talking about, IF he even knew what anyone was talking about.)

The committee hopes to find a “smoking gun” in that material, or at least something they can play off as a “smoking gun”. They’re pretty creative, that lot; it doesn’t have to be smoking, or even a gun. If they find a soggy, rolled-up newspaper in there, they’ll paint Trump as a puppy-abusing monster.

Well maybe not – Anthony Fauci already has that gig locked up. Speaking of Fauci and “locked up”…

I digress. Or Jest. Or di-jest. What I mean to say is that they’ll be tearing through that should-be-privileged material trying to find communications that prove Trump was complicit in organizing the Capitol breach. Even more exciting to them is the possibility that they may uncover something indicating Trump considered some form of actual insurrection against the illegitimate government that was about to be installed on that day…a real, honest-to-goodness smoking gun.

Here’s the thing, and I’m just going to put this out there as a patriotic American who followed the January 6 insurrection – I mean the one perpetrated by Biden and the Democrats, not the Capitol selfie-tour they’re trying to label as one – very, very closely… 

I hope they find that very thing.

NOTHING would restore my faith in Trump’s commitment to the nation and his capabilities as a leader than to find that he understood the gravity of the situation and the threat these traitorous clowns represented, and sought ways to stop them in their tracks. NOTHING would hearten me more than to learn that Donald Trump explored every possible avenue, including the less palatable ones, to prevent this coup from taking place. Even if he ultimately backed down from the brink of that potential Armageddon, it would please me to know he was wise enough and courageous enough to at least consider crashing through that gate. That’s a “smoking gun” I can fully get behind.

I don’t presume to speak for every real, patriotic American, but I’m confident most of ‘em share my view. In fact I’ve found that the marjority I talk to are disappointed that Trump DIDN’T orchestrate and carry forward some kind of counterattack, once it became clear the rigged election was going to be permitted to stand and an unelected, unintelligible, unmitigated disaster like Joe Biden was going to be installed as the head of an illegitimate federal government. Most were hoping there was a contingency plan that Trump kept up his sleeve, to remove the interlopers and neutralize the threat they clearly pose to our Republic.

How fantastic would it be to find out that there actually was?

So let them find their “smoking gun”. If they think for one second it will di

Photo is a screengrab from MSNBC.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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