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The Mask Gestapo at Work

“Its not an endlessly expanding list of rights — theright to education, the right to health care, the right to food and housing. Thats not freedom, thats dependency. Those arent rights, those are the rations of slavery — hay and a barn for human cattle.”— P.J. O’Rourke

When you submit to the system, you’ve submitted to slavery, and that should be abundantly clear since the dawn of the age of fear called COVID-19. When you become dependent on the government to provide what you are responsible to provide for yourself, you’ve empowered them to be your slave masters.

One prime example of the gestapo at work has been the mask police, and those probably facing the wrath most harshly are the children imprisoned in government schools. From the absurd to the profane, there are plenty of examples to be found.

Last week, I wrote about the 16-year-old girl, Grace Smith, who was actually handcuffed and arrested at her school for not wearing the mark of the sheep. This week, I’ve found more, and boy, there are some doozies.

First, I’ll start with the profanity laced rant of one Toni Tortorello-Allaway, a teacher at Geneva High School in Illinois. This good little fascist originally posted her rant on TikTok on Oct. 14, according to the Kane County Reporter.

In the video, Allaway describes going to her daughters’ choir concert and working the ticket booth, and apparently, she wants to beat up a grandma for not covering her face.

“I’m working the table, and I notice this alum who graduated a couple of years ago walked in with his grandparents and his mother, and I remember him being kind of a conservative a**hole back then,” Allaway says. “So, grandma and grandpa show up and they’re not wearing masks. And I’m like, ‘mmmm, we have a mask mandate here in the State of Illinois, indoor mask mandate.’ And I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to f***ing throw down with this b**ch.’”

What a sweetheart, huh?

Allaway describes how she’ll “f***ing throw down” with students she has to deal with that “b***ch and moan about having to wear masks and ‘we’re living in fear’ and all this crap.”

When the concert begins, Allaway alleges she finds her family is sitting in front of the grandparents. As a good little fascist, when Allaway notices the “grandma is wearing the mask literally hanging off her ear,” she takes action to narc on her.

It goes on beyond the mask as Allaway says: “To close the show, our wonderful choir director has all the choirs come back on stage so they can sing Lift Every Voice and announces that its the Black National Anthem. What do you think a**hole grandma did? She was so appalled, she actually got up and walked out, while they were singing. You’re not even trying to hide what a racist piece of s**t you are, are you? How dare you act like this?

Now, I’ll move onto the creepy. A video came on earlier this month of a preschool teacher singing a mask song to the tune of The Farmer and the Dell. As the song goes on, the video shows a depressing group of kids barely singing along. RT reported on the video and states the details of where and when this took place are not available.

The lyrics to this propaganda: I wear a mask to school, I wear a mask to school, hi-ho, the derry-o, I wear a mask to school. It helps to keep me safe, it helps to keep, hi-ho, the derry-o, it helps to keep me safe. It keeps my friends safe. It keeps my friends safe, hi-ho, the derry-o, it keeps my friends safe.

Then there’s the kids practicing the “zombie walk” at Wildwood Elementary School in Minnesota. The kids are lined up with their arms out, all masked up, as to maintain their proper social distancing. Or, to train them for their servitude.

Whiskey Tango Texas posted the photo and included a comment made by a Gab user going as The Daily Lama who wrote: “I feel most betrayed by the sitting at home with guns ‘conservatives.’ Here you have the only population left on this planet that is able to take on the government, and they don’t.”

Our society is crippled by fear. There are those who fear a common cold virus ready to enforce authoritarianism on the rest of us. Then there are those who fear the government or fear their boss and are unwilling to resist this tyranny. This fear is destroying us. Will the madness ever end?

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”—Rudyard Kipling

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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