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The hallmarks of the French provincial style kitchens

Kitchen designs are many, and the choice depends on how you want to display your style and taste by matching it with the overall interior decor plan. Never should the kitchen design look out of sorts in the overall home design and architecture context. The French provincial kitchens would be perfect for those who want to create vintage looks and add a contemporary touch that upholds the ideal blend of sophistication and rustic charm.

When you are tired of the steel and concrete structures all around and want to blend the rural touch of the countryside into the home design, the French provincial style kitchen will help achieve your goal. The highly stylish design will add the much needed grace and charm to the home decor that holds high appeal.

The specialty of the French style

The style has its roots in the French countryside, characteristic of southern France’s 17th and 18th-century homes. The style upholds elegance derived inspiration from the lavishness and luxury of the surrounding grand estates and chateaus of Normandy, Brittany, Bordeaux, and Provence. It was the result of the experiments carried out by the local craftsmen to blend the urban and rural designs. The rustic looks of the rural designs go through considerable refinement as the style makes good use of strategically placed details. The style creates a tone and tenor typical of a laid-back lifestyle filled with luxurious elements that create the warmth that seems too inviting.

Here are some typical characteristics of the French kitchen style.

French inspired architecture

The building architecture must complement the kitchen style by adopting the French architectural traits like archways, leadlight windows, pitched ceilings and exposed timber roof beams complementing the kitchen cabinets and other furniture. Depending on the space and floor plan, you can even think of incorporating French doors and other furniture that have the French touch.

Carved wooden cabinetry

The cabinetry used in the French-style kitchens is unique due to the ornate carvings and other details like corbels exclusive to the French countryside. The cabinet doors have some defined dimensions besides the elaborate designs that acquire a more distinct look due to the corbels, which are sure signs of the French style.

Natural materials

To add the rustic appeal of the countryside to the style, all materials used for the kitchen set-up are from natural sources. Marble and timber are the most prominent materials used for creating the French style, which speaks about its connections to the roots. The style keeps away from achieving fine finishes, reducing the rustic appeal, which makes it a favourite among homeowners and architects.

Neutral colour palette

The design maintains a subdued colour scheme that goes well with the down to earth feeling created by using natural materials like timber and marble. The French provincial style kitchens use neutral and soft colours like cream, white, off-white, and grey to exude homely warmth.

Matching with the kitchen top and cabinetry, the kitchen uses ornate lever-style tapware.

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