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White House Refers to Secret Overnight Flights of Illegals as “Early Flights” – 10/19/21 Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing Tuesday during which trillions in unnecessary spending, the border crisis, Jan. 6, and the supply chain crisis were front-and-center … again.

Jan. 6 – again…

During the briefing, Psaki used a softball question on Trump’s assertion of executive privilege to again overplay the January 6th Capitol events as a cudgel against Trump and Republicans, despite new video coming to light showing Capitol Police inviting protesters in and no violence of any kind.

Carbon Tax

When asked if the president believed he could implement a carbon tax without it affecting those making less than $400,000 per year, Psaki replied, “Yes, he does.”

“While it isn’t his idea, he does and there is ample precedent for that in the infrastructure bill.”

While not clear, it is likely that Psaki is referring to the mileage tax pilot program that would only track drivers so that bureaucrats could understand just how much money the tax policy would bring in. This type of tax would hit electric vehicle owners hard as they currently don’t have to pay the highly regressive and expensive federagl fuel taxes at the pump.

Supply Chain Crisis

“It was clear in March 2020, when COVID hit, that supply chains around the world had been disrupted.” a reporter prefaced. ” Essentially he waited until now – just before the holidays – to take action.”

“Why didn’t the president act sooner?” he asked.

Instead of addressing the question of why Biden took so long to take the supply chain crisis seriously, Psaki talked about high volumes and ports and a lack of truck drivers – exactly the issues the Biden administration waited until now to tackle.

Middle of the Night Illegal Immigrant Flights

When asked about DHS flights moving huge numbers of illegal immigrant children in the middle of the night from Texas to New York, Psaki took issue with the time – not the substance.

“I don’t know that it was the middle of the night,” she quipped.

“2:33 a.m. 4:29 a.m.,” Fox News’ Peter Doocy responded. “Very early in the morning.”

“Here we are talking about early flights – earlier than you might like to take a flight,” Psaki deflected.

IRS Snooping into American’s Bank Accounts

Psaki then went on to misleadingly characterize the administration’s push to peek into American’s bank accounts.

“People who get W-2’s, whether they are teachers, firefights, employees of Fox News – anywhere where they may be getting a W-2 – that’s not what we’re talking about here,” she asserted.

What she’s admitting is that they are going after people trying to make ends meet by bringing in a little extra money as things continue to get too expensive. Most of these people are hardly wealthy and certainly not the 1%. These are family members who drive for Uber, work-from-home or sell things on eBay or Etcy to fix the gap in their budgets caused by reckless fiscal policy, overbearing government regulation and short-sightedness on the part of the current administration. The currently being discussed reporting requirement is any bank account that has $10,000 of account activity during a calendar year. That’s anyone and everyone that pays rent/mortgage and buys groceries. Everyone – not the 1%.

Trillions in Unnecessary Spending

Psaki was asked if Biden still believes that his $3-5 trillion spending spree won’t add to the deficit, she illogically replied, “Correct, it won’t.”

That’s it, no specifics – just, “it won’t.”

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