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Racine County Sheriff announces multiple violations of election law in Wisconsin

In a press conference, the Racine County Sheriff announced evidence of widespread election law violations in the state of Wisconsin. The report indicates that election laws were violated in long-term care facilities and resulted in class I felony crimes being committed.

In the report, the investigation determined that workers in long-term care facilities were told to vote for any patients who were not lucid enough to vote on their own. They were advised to do this by Wisconsin election officials.

The investigation shows that the same direction was given all across the state of Wisconsin, resulting in widespread election law violations. In turn, there is a significant amount of election fraud that may have occurred based on the instructions provided.

The Racine Sheriff attempted to send the reports and investigation notes to the Wisconsin Attorney General. The attorney general rejected the reports and did not accept them.

The Wisconsin AG has been scrutinized for attempting to protect WEC officials who are being investigated as part of another election integrity case.

You can watch the full press conference through the coverage provided by Right Side Broadcasting

Network in the link below.

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