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Opinion: Forced COVID vaccination is on pace to cripple the US

Over the weekend, Southwest Airlines again experienced some sort of issue with its schedule. It resulted in thousands of cancellations across the country, stranding thousands of passengers away from home. The airline has been vague about its issues in the past, but this time it offered an explanation.

The airline said that the issues this weekend were caused by the FAA and weather. Except, in many areas, the cancellations were happening, there were no weather issues. That would only leave the FAA as the viable excuse that the company tweeted out.

The FAA responded and said that there were no FAA issues that were preventing Southwest Airlines from operating its schedule. Some suggested that the reason was poor planning by SWA management. Buried deep within all that information is most likely the real reason.

Alternate reports are that the FAA was having staffing shortages related to federal vaccine mandates. The issues were reported in Jacksonville, which is one of the areas that Southwest flights would have been routed through. It is interesting to note that Southwest is the one that was reporting the most cancellations when compared to other airlines.

Southwest Airlines recently issued a vaccine mandate for its employees, following United Airlines and other airlines to make such a requirement for employment. The employees have until November 24 to obtain their vaccine or face termination. Could it be that they are simply choosing not to work out of protest?

Outside of weather, the most common causes of flight delays and cancellations are mechanical and staff-related reasons. The SWA pilot union has already filed a suit against the mandatory vaccines as has the SWA mechanics union. Both have said the requirement for vaccines is a violation of rights and not allowable under their contracts.

But that has not stopped other airlines from making the requirements. Recently, American Airlines faced protests outside their Texas facilities for their vaccine mandate. Other airlines have faced similar protests and actions.

The issues go beyond just the airline industry. While many products and people travel through America’s skies, a large majority of our products and services are provided on the ground. Biden’s vaccine mandate also affects employers who hire America’s truck drivers.

In a recent poll, 26% of America’s truckers said they would rather be fired than be forced to take a COVID vaccine. In another poll, 79% of those holding a commercial driver’s license said they did not intend to get a vaccine.

If you think about that, could you imagine if 25% of America’s truck drivers just simply quit tomorrow? Can you imagine the massive shortages and supply chain issues? And we thought it was tough to find toilet paper and paper towels at the beginning of the pandemic.

This is all part of the Biden regime’s plan, however. Biden and the radical left are completely aware that these freedom-loving Americans will take a stand against his tyranny. They would love nothing more than this to crush the US economy, causing massive government dependence. That is the socialist dream, right?

If FAA air traffic controllers walk out, pilots and mechanics walk out, truckers walk out, and healthcare workers walk out, where does that leave our nation? It leaves us on a fast track to the Green New Deal, massive entitlement programs, and more. Not because of these freedom-loving Americans. No, it’s because other Americans will not stand with them.

Americans will demand that they have all the latest gadgets, commodities, and more. They will demand that their government intervene and the Biden regime will be more than happy to do so. Biden will want to make truckers federal employees, airlines federal airlines, and hospitals federal care centers. Welcome to universal everything, all courtesy of mandatory COVID vaccines.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. Good for them! I support these workers that are fighting this overreach by the government and I know many of my family and friends support them too. Never stop fighting for what is right!

  2. The radio signals coming from the center of the Milky Way have actually been found to be a cacophony of billions and billions and billions of chants exclaiming:
    F*** JOE BIDEN!
    F*** JOE BIDEN!
    F*** JOE BIDEN!

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