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New York risks losing a quarter of its police force due to vaccine mandate

The police department in New York City is worried. The city has placed a vaccine mandate on workers and it puts at risk nearly a quarter of the city’s workforce.

The Police Commissioner is concerned and has started to plead with his officers to obtain their COVID vaccines before they are sent home without pay. According to NY Daily News, only 72% of the officers have obtained their vaccines at this point.

Any employees that are not vaccinated by Friday will be sent home without pay per the mandate, leaving the city at a critical shortage for officers.

The mandate has been met with extensive opposition and protests in recent days. Lawsuits have been filed over the measure, but it’s not clear the outcome at this point. Vaccine mandate suits are even being considered by the Supreme Court, which has sidestepped the issue so far.

To lose a quarter of its workforce would place the NYPD in a precarious condition. The city has already been dealing with rising crime rates and such a move will essentially gaslight the situation.

NYC leadership continues to argue that the decision should not be a difficult one. They argue that vaccine mandates have been around for years, but the COVID vaccine has not been around for that long.

Around the internet, mandatory vaccines have been a source of great debate. Vaccine manufacturers and government officials have argued that the vaccines are safe and effective, even with the adverse reactions that have been reported. Those against the vaccine argue that it should be a personal choice to get a vaccine without a proven track record.

Various employers around the country have faced loss of employees due to vaccine mandates, especially in healthcare. Hundreds of healthcare workers have made the decision to leave their jobs rather than deal with the forced jabs.

Law enforcement officers are another group that has made headlines regarding vaccine mandates. Officers across the country are choosing to leave their positions, citing government mandates and specifically Democrat leaders that are issuing the mandates.

In general, Republican leadership has refused to establish vaccine mandates, but they have encouraged them in most instances.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had previously delayed a mandate for NYC officers and firefighters. Since that time he implemented the mandate and recently announced a $500 bonus for those who received the jab.

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